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Addressgate Inc.

June 28, 2012 09:00 ET

Addressgate Launches Private Neighborhood Centric Social Network

The Specialized Network Makes It Easy and Safe for Neighbors to Link Up at Their Own Pace, Communicate Privately, and Share Valuable Neighborhood Buzz, News and Events Within Their Communities

SOUTH MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 28, 2012) - Addressgate Inc. ( announced today the nationwide launch of its ground-breaking neighborhood engagement and neighbor-to-neighbor communication platform.

Using, members can send a private message to a neighbor by just entering their street address. They don't need to know anything else about them. If the address is on the system the message is delivered instantly, otherwise a postcard is mailed at no charge.

To make this possible all members claim their mailing address as part of the sign up and authentication process. This address becomes the center of the Addressgate experience and defines a member's neighbors and neighborhood just like in the real world.

"Neighbors don't have to be close friends to be great neighbors, they just have to be neighborly and accessible. One problem we've found is that silent, invisible neighbors are often misinterpreted as anti-social or unneighborly. Considering the demands of our cyber-paced culture our invisible neighbors are probably just dead tired," said Manny Menéndez, Addressgate's CEO and co-founder. "We want to reduce the national supply of silent neighbors by making it easy and stress free for them to experience what goes on in the neighborhood and then join in at their own pace."

Neighbors can also post alerts, news, events and interesting offers to a Neighborhood Buzz pin-board visible only to registered members. Only posts within a preset radius are displayed so no arbitrary neighborhood boundaries are needed.

In addition to member-generated posts, the Neighborhood Buzz can include posts from top local sources. Addressgate servers process over a million posts a week to ensure only those geolocated within each member's radius of interest are shown.

The Neighborhood Buzz feature turned out to be so useful that a free iPhone app called Goinbee™ ( has been developed so members can check out the local buzz wherever they go. Goinbee users can also share photo stories, news, events and deals on the spot as they move about the neighborhood and beyond.

Those interested in joining their neighborhood on Addressgate must first visit, claim their street address and sign up with a valid email, Facebook or Twitter account.

About Addressgate Inc.

Based in Miami, Florida, Addressgate was founded by a group of friends with a long record of success in the software industry as both entrepreneurs and seed investors. They also used to resemble those silent neighbors mentioned earlier which helps explain why they invented Addressgate.

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