April 28, 2009 09:05 ET

Adify Media Launches to Give Brands Unprecedented Access to Adify-Powered Networks and Cox Media Properties

Adify Media Gives Advertisers Customized, Private Marketplaces That Minimize Waste, Maximize Accountability and Offer Targeted Access to More Than 89 Million Users

Recent comScore Research Shows Adify Media Audiences Are Often More Engaged, Educated and Affluent Than Portal Audiences

SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - April 28, 2009) - Adify, the premier provider of vertical ad network management solutions, today announced the creation of Adify Media, the largest transparent, brand-safe global ad network that gives advertisers private marketplaces for their campaigns. Adify Media reaches across the vertical ad networks that use Adify Network Builder as well as several Cox media properties to give advertisers and media planners unprecedented and highly customized access to engaged, educated and affluent audiences. Adify Media has already created private marketplaces for top marketers such as Best Western Hotels, Eukanuba, Febreze, HP, Microsoft and Can-Am Spyder roadster.

Adify now offers two distinct and complementary lines of business -- Adify Network Builder and Adify Media. Adify Network Builder provides Global 100 Media Companies, entrepreneurs, advertisers and quality independent publishers the comprehensive tools and support services to create vertical ad networks that reach highly engaged audiences. Adify Media delivers opt-in supplemental media revenues for Adify Network Builder customers to maximize the value they generate from online advertising.

Adify Media creates private marketplaces that provide the visibility and reporting today's brand advertisers need from their network advertising efforts. Adify Media combines the reach of the more than 160 vertical ad networks powered by Adify with access to Cox Enterprise properties, including Cox Media Group (its broadcasting and newspaper digital services), Cox Communications (its multiple cable systems and broadband services) and

Adify Media's audience is affluent, educated and engaged, and provides the perfect environment for brand advertisers to be seen. The combined reach of the 160 vertical ad networks available to Adify Media provides targeted access to more than 89 million people worldwide and 69 million in the US, through more than ten thousand categorized sites.

Adify Media's combination of human categorization and ad-targeting technology ensures that media planners get a customized marketplace of relevant sites that are tailored specifically to their campaign. Advertisers have unprecedented access to premium inventory with real-time visibility into where audiences are most engaged. The result is highly effective campaigns with less waste, more accountability and better performance.

Targeting Large and Engaged Audiences on Premium Sites

According to research conducted by comScore, Adify Media's audiences often exceed targeted portal audiences across online content categories in terms of audience size, length of engagement, level of education, and affluence. For example, the Affluent segment on the Adify network of sites (defined as people who are largely between the ages of 25-54; 31 percent of whom have household incomes of more than $100,000; and regularly visit financial and travel sites) is nearly twice the size of affluent visitors to Yahoo! Finance and AOL Money & Finance, and spends nearly twice as much time on Adify's affluent sites than portal finance sites. Within the Adify audience at large,

--  80 percent are college educated
--  45 percent have a U.S. household income of $75k
--  28 percent have a U.S. household income of $100k+

Rodney Mayers, GM of Adify Media, sees the combination of Cox's high quality, geo-targeted inventory with Adify's quality mid-tail inventory as very powerful for brand advertisers that are still on the fence about advertising with networks. "Together with Cox, we have access to sites and inventory where more and more of today's online population spends their time. We've made it easy for advertisers to carefully target the audiences that are most important to them by aggregating these audiences across vertical categories based on similar audience characteristics and/or geographies. By providing them with complete visibility and backing that up with third party verification of ad placement, the Adify Media solution sets the bar for what online ad networks should be delivering. There are no blind ad buys here."

Adify is the primary ad server for all of the sites in Networks powered by Adify, which are hand-vetted (our human algorithm) down to the subdomain level for content quality, context, and brand safety. Editors from major media partners, such as Warner Brothers, NBC Universal, POLITICO and Break Media, and subject matter experts within their respective vertical category provide high-touch selection of content that ensures an appropriate environment for brands to connect with relevant, engaged consumers. Every network using Adify Network Builder can opt-in to Adify Media on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

"Adify's vertical ad networks give us brand-safe tactics to target audiences based on specific site genre and content," said Sarah Zielie, Sr. Digital Media Specialist at PERISCOPE.

More Accountability, Less Waste

comScore recently shared the results of 8 ad effectiveness studies in the consumer package goods industry, which showed that only 2-20 percent of the ad impressions served hit their intended target with the desired frequency. In other words, at least 80 percent of the advertiser spend did not accomplish its objective.

Adify Media reduces waste by providing buying efficiency for brand advertisers with full visibility and transparency into single-subject, categorized sites where audiences are most engaged. The characteristics of audiences on these sites share significant similarities -- more so than the sites within broader ad networks or portals. As the primary ad server for these sites, Adify Media delivers rich-media campaigns including sponsorships, roadblocks, content syndication, in-person video and more.

Because Adify Media is fully transparent, advertisers receive site-by-site data in-flight by ad space, line item, creative or ad size to manage all of the campaign data in one place.

Advertising Technology Innovation

Adify Media leverages purpose-built technology and an open partner ecosystem to deliver a variety of ad products and services. Adify Media delivers all standard IAB formats and offers high impact creative delivery including:

--  Sponsorships and roadblocks
--  Content syndication and widget advertising
--  Video overlays
--  Brand Performance pay-per-interaction ad units
--  Behavioral and contextual targeting
--  Site-by-site real-time reporting and optimization
--  Site-by-site post-impression and post-click optimization

For example, Febreze by P&G worked with Adify technology partner Rovion to target their core audiences via an interactive display ad that complemented the IAB Standard Banners running across the Febreze site list created by Adify Media planners.

"Through Adify Media, we're giving advertisers accountability showing the impression and performance they achieve with every dollar they spend," said Russ Fradin, president of Adify. "In addition, Adify Media helps our Network Builders increase the value of membership in their network through fulfillment of more publisher inventory with quality, attractively priced advertising campaigns."

About Adify

Adify Corporation is a vertical ad network management and media services company that is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Cox TMI Inc., part of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises.

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