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December 16, 2008 13:03 ET

Adina "Natural Highs™" Coffee Energy Drink Awarded "Best of 2008" by, Inc.

Rated as the "Best Non-Carbonated Beverage"

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - Adina Natural Highs™ has received a "Best of 2008" award from, Inc. the leading beverage industry publisher ( in the "Best Non-Carbonated Beverage" category. San Francisco-based Adina for Life, Inc. ( nationally launched the first TransFair USA certified natural coffee energy drink at Whole Foods Market® stores in October.

Natural Highs are available in five flavors -- Caramel Kick, Hazelnut Hookup, Vanilla Nutcase, Mocha Madness and Double Xxpresso. Each can contains 100 mg. of natural caffeine, except Double Xxpresso which contains 150 mg.

"With more than 400 new or revised beverages that came to market this past year, we faced stiff competition," said Adina Co-founder and Chairman Greg Steltenpohl. "We are thrilled that our Natural Highs product line received this most prestigious award."

Adina is the first to market a coffee energy drink that enhances and preserves the full benefits inherent in the coffee bean through a proprietary cold-brewing process to deliver a sustainable energy kick along with the antioxidant equivalent of four servings of fruit per container (as measured by ORAC/USDA(i)).

Inspired by a vision of a world that "Drinks No Evil," an international team of entrepreneurs from Odwalla®, SoBe® and Peet's Coffee created Natural Highs for consumers seeking to energize their day with a healthier energy alternative that does not contain any artificial ingredients or chemical additives.

Using premium single-origin, Fair Trade organic Colombian coffee beans, Natural Highs delivers a responsible yet effective botanical-based caffeine boost in each 8-ounce can, compared to the crash-and-burn health risks associated with synthetic caffeine, taurine, high-fructose corn syrup and sucrose that fuel most energy drinks on the market.

Natural Highs are sold in 8-ounce, single-serving cans with a suggested retail price of $1.99 per can. Natural Highs are available in convenient four-packs that may be chilled at home, the office or wherever a pick-me-up is needed.

"The beverage landscape is littered with products providing empty calories, chemicals and artificial ingredients," Steltenpohl continued. "Adina Natural Highs is the ultimate functional beverage that provides an all natural energy option and at the same time supports Fair Trade for a more sustainable future."

Adina Natural Highs ready-to-drink beverages are increasingly available in-store in refrigerated beverage sections, coffee sections and beverage dry shelves. Interested distributors should contact Bruce Schroder at (650) 743-7771.

About Adina for Life

Founded in 2004, Adina for Life, Inc. is led by a pioneering team of entrepreneurs from Odwalla, SoBe and Peet's Coffee & Tea. Inspired by the founders' vision to create a world that "Drinks No Evil," these industry innovators came together to grow Adina and change the way the world does business -- one drink at a time. The company is dedicated to producing great-tasting, better-for-you Fair Trade beverages, using only natural and/or USDA organic, directly sourced ingredients from around the world.

Adina natural beverages span four product lines: its newest Adina Natural Highs launches in Q4 '08; Adina Organic Blends, an organic Fair Trade line of exotic gourmet coffees and tea, launched in late 2007; Adina Miracle Fruits Fortified Juice Drinks launched in 2006; and the original Adina Organic Juice Coolers launched in 2005. For more information, visit the Adina Web site at

(i) ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is the most widely used benchmark method measuring the scavenging capacity of antioxidants against the peroxyl radical, which is one of the most common reactive oxygen species (ROS) found in the body. The USDA has used this method for classifying the antioxidant levels of standard servings of fruits and vegetables in its Nutrient Data Laboratory.

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