November 17, 2010 09:00 ET

ADmantX Gets Emotional About Semantic Ad Targeting

New Web Service Brings Creativity Back to Online Advertising Campaigns

WEST HARTFORD, CT--(Marketwire - November 17, 2010) -

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With online advertising revenues on the rise, targeting and matching content to advertisements is more important than ever. Enter ADmantX! With today's launch of ADmantX and its Web service for improving online advertising, the development of effective online advertising campaigns just got easier! Currently in private beta, ADmantX uses advanced semantic technology to crack the emotional code of content and more intelligently match ads. 

  • Combining semantics, Natural Language Processing and social collaboration, ADmantX brings creativity back to advertising by incorporating emotions, motivations and behaviors. ADmantX goes beyond irrelevant SEO and flat keyword-based terms by adding emotional intelligence into the mix. 
  • Unlike other semantic targeting tools, ADmantX can identify psychological components to help companies establish deep emotional connections with consumers and truly engage each individual, the basis for truly great advertising! 
  • ADmantX uses semantic analysis to ensure brand protection against questionable content. Moving beyond blanket "no fly" lists, ADmantX distinguishes content that is questionable for one advertiser but not another. 
  • Based on 20 years of practice in semantics and Natural Language Processing, ADmantX's proven technology is able to read and contextualize content with unprecedented accuracy and speed in order to match online ads. Developed for the creative strategist, users can input and test their exact advertising campaign or "admant" within seconds before making a final decision.
  • Whether advertisers want to enter keywords, a single emotion or phrases directly from other admant creators through social collaboration or use the suggestion cloud, they are able to produce winning targeting campaigns quickly and easily. 
  • ADmantX is a cloud-based, elastic computing Web service. Architected to respond in less than 100 milliseconds, ADmantX is instantly scalable and customers can be sure there is no latency. 
  • ADmantX allows companies, brand advertisers and agencies to reach their target more effectively by providing precise, real-time information and detailed analysis about the content of a Web page, enabling the publishing of more relevant ads and resulting in a higher ROI.

To register for ADmantX's private beta program, please visit and for ADmantX updates, check out the Company blog at

Quote, attributed to Brooke Aker, CMO, ADmantX
"Emotion is what motivates human behavior. By understanding the psychological context, ADmantX plays on the connection between the ad and the reader, significantly increasing ad performance. We're excited with the results we've seen thus far -- conversion of remnant to premium ads, cleared inventory, higher ad prices and consumer engagement and brand sales lift. ADmantX goes beyond traditional semantic targeting by putting the control back in the hands of the user." 

About ADmantX
ADmantX is a Web service for improving online advertising. Using semantic technology, ADmantX provides a leap forward in monetizing content in new and powerful ways. Based on the Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing and Social Collaboration features, publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, brand managers and agencies use ADmantX to develop effective online advertising campaigns that establish emotional connections with consumers. Way beyond common ad systems, ADmantX is Spot-on Advertising. For more information, visit

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