February 25, 2013 08:30 ET

ADmantX Launches ADmantX SpotOn Contextual App for the AppNexus App Marketplace™

The market's most advanced contextual targeting for advertising, offered by ADmantX, is now available to AppNexus platform members as an AppNexus App

NEW YORK, NEW YORK and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 25, 2013) - ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, today announced that its SpotOn Contextual App is integrated with the AppNexus App Marketplace™. AppNexus customers can now access ADmantX SpotOn Contextual App within the AppNexus user interface to create unique, powerful AppNexus segments that optimize campaign performance all while making it brand safe.

Directly from the AppNexus Console, AppNexus customers will be able to leverage the accuracy of ADmantX semantic capabilities to create and customize data segments in a brand-safe advertising environment based on feelings, topics and entities (people, places, brands). The ability to identify feelings and emotions in content is what distinguishes ADmantX over other targeting technologies, ensuring that the underlying emotional response to the content matches advertisers' campaign goals.

Moreover, ADmantX allows AppNexus users to see the power of targeting data across AppNexus inventory in real-time in order to increase online ad segmentation for better ad reach and lift. Reach and lift are improved through the power of semantic processing - the ability to distinguish one word with many meanings (lift) and many words that equal to the same meaning (reach). In the end the deepest available understanding over inventory leads to better targeting.

"We're really excited about the integration of our semantic targeting within AppNexus," said J. Brooke Aker, CMO of ADmantX. "Without leaving the AppNexus platform, AppNexus clients can directly experience the value of ADmantX SpotOn Contextual data and get all the benefits of knowing as much as possible about the content their audience is consuming at the same time that their systems are trying to select an ad to put in front of them."


ADmantX is a contextual analysis and data provider that offers a semantic, cookie-less solution to allow publishers, ad networks and exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online advertising campaigns. There are no privacy concerns: real-time monitoring and the use of sentiment analysis maximize readers' receptiveness to advertising content and minimizes placement near off-brand content. As a result, ads are more relevant, more accurately placed and brands are protected.

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