December 21, 2011 08:30 ET

ADmantX Partners With adBrite Ad Exchange

The Partnership Between adBrite and ADmantX Allows Advertisers to Effectively Optimize Ad Placements and Gives Publishers Greater Monetization Opportunities Leveraging the Power of Semantic Ad Targeting.

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT--(Marketwire - Dec. 21, 2011) - ADmantX, the next-generation semantic advertising web service, today announced a partnership with adBrite, the largest independent ad exchange, to offer brand safety, greater ad engagement and page-level, cookie-less targeting to advertisers and publishers.

In today's complex and rapidly evolving online advertising landscape, audience targeting is at the heart of any attempt to maximize online ad effectiveness. Semantic-based analysis and dynamic categorization provided by ADmantX will now be available through adBrite, allowing them to leverage the combination of emotional intelligence and contextual and semantic targeting in real time.

"We're pleased to be working with a partner of this caliber," said J. Brooke Aker, CMO, ADmantX. "As experts in the online advertising field, we've learned that reaching the right consumer at the right time, in the right frame of mind is the key to keeping them engaged and offers publishers and advertisers a transparent way to maintain the benefits of targeting without invading users' privacy by using third-party cookie tracking."

ADmantX leverages the combination of contextual and semantic targeting by not only matching ads to brand-safe, appropriate content, but takes it one step further by ensuring the underlying emotional response to content matches the action desired by advertisers. By knowing as much as possible about content the audience is consuming at the same moment the ad systems are selecting an ad to put in front of them, ADmantX optimizes placement and monetization opportunities for publishers.

"We're very excited about our partnership with ADmantX as it enables us to offer our advertisers another avenue to reach their desired target audience," said Dan Madden, adBrite VP of Business Development. "In order to be a key player in the online display space, it's necessary to keep up with new technologies and find new ways to better serve our clients, and partnering with ADmantX helps us do that."


adBrite is the largest independent ad exchange, reaching 300 million global unique visitors every month, including more than 150 million in the U.S. With site-level transparency and an open platform for data providers and real-time bidders to plug into, we maximize selection and control for advertisers and publishers. Leveraging first- and third-party audience data for advanced targeting is dead simple, and results can be closely monitored through our superior real-time reporting and analysis.


ADmantX uses superior semantic technology to provide a leap forward in monetizing content in new and powerful ways. Based on the Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing and Social Collaboration features, publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, brand managers and agencies use ADmantX to develop effective online advertising campaigns that establish emotional connections with consumers.

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