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November 18, 2014 13:08 ET

AdmitHub: Democratizing College Admissions

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - November 18, 2014) - College admissions advising is a business that has historically catered to the wealthiest clientele. Now, for the first time, dozens of admissions insiders are offering expert advising on a free and open online forum at (powered by AdmitHub).

"We are pulling back the veil on how decisions are made behind the closed doors of admissions committees," says Kirk Daulerio, co-founder and former admissions officer at Princeton, Penn, and Bowdoin. Most recently, Daulerio was Director of Member Relations at The Common Application®.

Each year, nearly two million students apply to college in America. Among them are more than 20,000 valedictorians, six thousand students with 2300+ scores on their SATs, and one "smartest person I ever met" in every community. Given that the average high school guidance counselor has a caseload of 476 students and spends an average of twenty minutes per year advising each one, it is no surprise that families hire private consultants and seek advice via online message boards.

"We want every college applicant to have free and open access to the best advising possible," says co-founder Andrew Magliozzi. Magliozzi is an experienced ed tech entrepreneur, who also founded Signet Education and, and the authored a book, titled How to Get into (Your) Harvard: and more college admissions advice. is a free and open Reddit-style Q&A forum for students, parents, and educators to pose questions to current and former deans, directors, and officers at colleges like Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Stanford, Bowdoin, Bates, Syracuse, Providence, Wellesley, St. Anselm, Franklin and Marshall, SUNY Stony Brook, Augustana, and many more.

In an effort to reach those students with the least access and greatest need for admissions advice, AdmitHub has formed early partnerships with The Steppingstone Foundation, ScholarMatch (an affiliate of 826), La Vida, Mission Graduates, and Bowdoin Bound to support underserved and academically talented students nationwide. In addition to a free Q&A forum, AdmitHub also provides a personalized application review service from a former admissions officer (see here for AdmitHub's products)

"Our goal is to offer our services for free to every student with a demonstrated need," says Rhoan Garnett, AdmitHub's resident data geek and former admissions officer at Bowdoin.

Daulerio and Magliozzi will also be hitting the airwaves in the coming weeks with a weekly "About Admissions" podcast. The co-founders provide insight and levity to their guests, callers, and listeners. All episodes of About Admissions can be found on

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