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July 10, 2012 11:00 ET

Adnetik Rebrands as Digilant™

Leading Independent Marketing Technology Company Repositions Itself to Deliver Digital Vigilance to Marketers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jul 10, 2012) - Adnetik announced today that it has rebranded the company as Digilant, a name that combines "digital" with "vigilance." The combination reflects a complete focus on digital platforms -- online, mobile and video -- and its vigilant approach to helping brands and agencies make the best decisions about how to reach their target markets using digital media. Digilant is an independent marketing technology firm that combines deep marketing expertise with data derived from proprietary technology to provide clients with a uniquely informed strategic vantage point, as well as the tools to plan, execute, measure and optimize digital advertising campaigns.

"There has been a sea of change in digital advertising over the past few years. We have witnessed a proliferation of digital platforms, huge advancements in technology, and a dramatic increase in ad volume. The pace of this change is unparalleled," said CEO Edward Montes. "We felt that the time was right to change the company's name to address these dynamics and set the stage for future innovation. We believe marketers are seeking an independent technology provider that operates with the client's best interests in mind. The Digilant brand is defined by our focus on digital media, our independent and forward-looking approach and our vigilant practice of maximizing media investments on behalf of marketers."

Montes continued, "One of the key strengths Digilant brings to the market is our ability to micro-target audiences and deliver against the full spectrum of marketing objectives. Our clients can execute very sophisticated campaigns and gain tremendous knowledge and insight without sacrificing speed and flexibility. We are eager to embrace the new name and the ability that Digilant gives us to communicate our value beyond advertising networks and DSPs. Digilant is leading the industry in developing new ways to reach consumers as they interact with digital media."

In renaming Adnetik to Digilant, the company has strong credentials to draw from: a three-year track record of success helping brand marketers and agencies reach their audiences efficiently through digital media; a 94% customer renewal rate; offices in six countries; highly sophisticated proprietary technology (patents pending); and a team that is completely client-focused.

In conjunction with the name change, the company announced the introduction of two new products: Digilant AIM Audience Index and Digilant AIM Brand Network. Digilant AIM Audience Index helps marketers reach new customers by expanding their target audience pool to include previously unidentified prospects whose profiles meet the specific criteria set forth by the brand. The technology uses a unique scoring system that ranks both positive and negative relevancy among the entire universe of online users: those who receive high scores are modeled using look-alike technology while those who receive low scores are eliminated from targeting consideration. 

Digilant AIM Brand Network offers marketers direct access to, and control over, premium inventory deals by enabling them to strike their own pricing and volume agreements with publishers and network providers but still deliver ads utilizing the Digilant AIM targeting technology.

"Digilant AIM Brand Network enables reach into premium inventory without being subject to the rules of a private exchange. In addition to providing clients with more control over placement, Digilant AIM Brand Network gives marketers the ability to manage frequency across integrated campaigns and de-duplicate users across RTB and premium placements. We believe AIM Brand Network is an evolution in marketing strategy and a critical step for marketers seeking a fully integrated end-to-end platform," confirmed Mr. Montes. 

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Digilant is an independent marketing technology company that provides marketers with a platform to support the entire media buy -- from planning through execution, measurement and optimization -- with ultimate precision and transparency. Originally launched as Adnetik in 2009, Digilant is headquartered in the United States, with offices in Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Digilant provides brand marketers and agencies with tools to achieve their goals, including brand-building, customer engagement, product introductions, competitive differentiation, direct response and demand generation. Digilant products are available as managed services or through a self-service interface. For more information, visit

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