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May 13, 2014 08:02 ET

Adnimation Unveils Dazzling 3D Animated Ads to Help Publishers Capture Consumers' Dwindling Attention Online

New "Have to See It to Believe It" Visual Ad Technology Breaks the Stale Advertising Mold to Generate More Clicks and Revenue

DEERFIELD, IL--(Marketwired - May 13, 2014) - The online advertising company Adnimation today announced the launch of its innovative new online 3D animated ads that visually jump off the page to drive more clicks for advertisers and revenue for publishers. With this new visual ad concept, Adnimation aims to bring consumers' attention back to online and mobile ads by combining groundbreaking visual illusions with standard IAB rich-media ads -- resulting in a higher click-through rate for advertisers and a higher source of revenue for publishers over standard banner ads.

Adnimation's 3D ads are like a pre-roll for standard banners, but with a twist. For these visually stimulating ads, the company capitalizes on the inherent qualities of visual processing in the brain through occlusion -- where a near object overlaps with another in the distance. Adnimation starts with a white background to frame a fixed depth of the screen and uses occlusion to convey the depth of the animated object. The final product is something you have to see to believe. 

"Users search for their 3D glasses when they see the ads," explained CEO Tomer Treves, "While 3D glasses use stereoscopy -- giving each eye an image form a slightly different perspective, occlusion is proven to be a much more dominant cue for our brain to attribute to 3-dimentional signals. People simply can't believe the resulting 3D effect -- and right then, when they are open to learn more, we offer the ideal advertising message from our partners."

The human mind is wired to identify and follow movement and Adnimation uses this trait to draw attention to its IAB compliant rich-media ad units, while working hard to keep it fun. In fact, one of the strengths Adnimation offers is that advertisers and publishers do not need to change anything. Adnimation upgrades their existing assets and ads into high-end effective animated ads to yield the best results for both publishers and advertisers. Adnimation easily connects with established ad networks to help increase ad delivery and performance.

In addition to the business and technology innovation, the core of Adnimation is the creative process. Their team takes pride not only in creating its innovative dual-layer placement technology, but also in their creative executions. Adnimation approaches the animated part of the ad as a combination of science and art by collecting data, analyzing it and learning what influences visitors in the best way. The company then injects creativity to create fun and interesting animated elements that guarantee the best possible results.

Earlier this year, Adnimation launched its ad network that combines animated clips with standard ads for advertisers and publishers. Their rich media ads are viewable on desktop computers and all mobile devices including iOS and Android.

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Adnimation is an emerging ad network that combines animated clips with standard ads for advertisers and publishers. Based in Israel with offices in Deerfield, Illinois, Adnimation's rich media ad units incorporate engaging animated cartoon characters that literally jump out of a publisher's page to capture the attention of a consumer before delivering an advertiser's message. Admination ads are viewable on desktop computers and all mobile devices including iOS and Android. For more information, please visit:

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