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September 18, 2008 08:00 ET

Adoptic Launches New Blog Promotion Network

Bloggers Gain Visibility, Increase Readership and Promote Posts for Free

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - September 18, 2008) - Adoptic, Inc. today announced the open availability for its Adoptic Blog Promotion platform, a free network designed to help bloggers drive more traffic to their sites through content-rich link exchange. The system is easy to set up, user-friendly, and is based on the unique Adoptic credit system that helps bloggers get the best visibility for their posts. Adoptic has just completed a successful private beta, and the platform is now open to all bloggers. Adoptic will demonstrate the platform at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With over 50 million blogs now being published, bloggers and content providers face many challenges: They want to increase their readership, build loyalty, and maximize advertising potential across multiple communities. Similarly, content consumers struggle to find communities of relevant blog content. Until now, the tools available on the market did not address all of these needs.

"Getting visibility and building readership for your blog is a challenge," said Melanie Nelson of Blogging Basics 101. "Adoptic gives bloggers a great tool to promote their content. The website is user-friendly, and makes it easy to network with other bloggers in your area of interest."

Adoptic has created a unique blog promotion platform and social network that enables bloggers to easily expand their visibility by promoting selected posts on other sites. To promote content, bloggers create a 'Snippet' of their desired posts, including a headline, customizable text, and an image. Adoptic publishes these Snippets via widgets across a network of bloggers in the appropriate community.

Underlying the system is a fair-market economy where bloggers earn credits for hosting Snippets and spend them advertising their posts on other sites. Unlike other systems that simply offer one-to-one credit systems, Adoptic's innovative algorithms uniquely track and manage the 'price' of a Snippet, depending on the supply and demand for a given site. This makes the system more appealing to quality bloggers, since high quality sites will get more exposure. The system also ensures that bloggers get the biggest bang for their credit 'buck.' Further, Adoptic allows bloggers to selectively promote posts, choose the sites where they want their Snippets to run, and to put varying 'credit force' behind them.

"In an increasingly noisy blogosphere, bloggers find it difficult to be heard," said Mehdi Yahyanejad, co-founder of Adoptic. "The Adoptic system provides an easy way to increase visibility for your blog posts, while also providing an effective tool to track what is being said in the topic areas you care about."

Adoptic's blog promotion platform offers a wide range of benefits:

Expand Visibility: Share selected blog posts with a broader audience and drive more traffic to a blog. Bloggers control where and how often Snippets are shown. Comprehensive statistics tell bloggers how their ads are performing.

Expand Community: Bloggers can choose their communities of interest, and Snippets are only shown to those selected communities. Adoptic helps bloggers discover and connect with other writers, and support other bloggers by promoting their content.

Easy to Use: Adoptic supports all major blog platforms, including WordPress. The widget is fully customizable. The dashboard view shows you your own Snippets, and those of your friends and communities.

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