April 22, 2015 09:00 ET

ADP Webinar Alert: Affordable Care Act Compliance Best Practices - April 30

ROSELAND, NJ--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2015) - Employers are already hard at work implementing various Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements, including complying with the ACA's Employer Shared Responsibility mandate and preparing for annual reporting, Exchange/Marketplace notices and the "Cadillac" Excise Tax on high cost health plans.

To avoid hefty financial penalties, employers should make certain they not only deliver on immediate ACA requirements but also work to avoid known pitfalls while planning for the challenging road ahead.

The April 30 installment of ADP's ACA Best Practices webinar series will provide best practices and actionable insights for employers to comply with ongoing ACA requirements. This webcast will address:

  • Pitfalls to Avoid
    1. Form W-2 Reporting Errors and Popular Misconceptions
    2. Myths About the Notice of Coverage Options

  • Tips for The Road Ahead
    1. IRS Information Reporting
      • The What, Who, How and When
      • Challenges related to multiemployer plans
    2. Exchange Notices
      • What are they?
      • What do employers need to do now to be prepared?
    3. The Cadillac Excise Tax
      • What is it?
      • Is it here to stay?
      • What are the steps for employers to comply?
      • What can employers do to reduce or eliminate their exposure to this tax?

The free, hour-long webinar for executives, finance managers and CFOs, benefits and HR leaders, and business owners will begin at 3pm ET on Thursday, April 30, and will be led by Ellen Feeney, Vice President, Counsel and Pete Isberg, Vice President, Government Relations.

Register for the 3pm broadcast and learn more information at