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April 02, 2012 09:00 ET

AdSafe Leads the Way for Next Generation Pre-Bid Brand Safety, Contextual and Viewability Integrations With Top Ad Technology, Demand and Sell Side Partners

Real-Time Trading Dubbed as the Future of Online Advertising; AdSafe Providing Valuable and Actionable Insight to Rubicon Project, Netmining, adBrite, Turn, The Trade Desk, Adnetik®, WPP's Media Innovation Group (MIG), and AppNexus

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Apr 2, 2012) - AdSafe Media ( announced today that several leading advertising platforms and solutions providers including Rubicon Project, Netmining, adBrite, Turn, The Trade Desk, Adnetik®, WPP's Media Innovation Group (MIG), AppNexus and others are integrating its real-time data feeds to better understand the viewability, user engagement quality, page context and brand safety level of all auction inventory.

"The integration of AdSafe's pre-bid data feeds by these platforms attests to the rapidly growing importance of and demand for predictive data solutions that allow media buyers to make more informed buying decisions," said Scott Knoll, CEO, AdSafe Media.

AdSafe's Real Time Data Feeds bring together an extremely granular and sophisticated machine learning platform that has been independently developed and optimized over the past three years. The most recent additions to this platform are user engagement metrics, which take into account the level of viewability users have with ads during the time they spend on a page. The industry is quickly learning that ad placement (i.e. whether an ad is above or below the fold) is not the optimal determination of whether an ad is actually seen by a user. AdSafe's metrics provide much more valuable insight than simple ad location information and thus are a more scientific and accurate approach to determining what media is most appropriate to advertisers to drive conversions. AdSafe's specific ad viewability data points include:

  • The probability of an ad being in view
  • The probability of the ad scrolling into view
  • How long the ad will be in view
  • How long the user will be on the page

Additionally, AdSafe's Contextual Relevance data feeds provide insight around a site's contextual classifications according to IAB categories and sub-categories -- such as news/politics, sports/soccer, user generated content, etc. Finally, in addition its first-to-market ad engagement metrics and contextual analysis, AdSafe's comprehensive integration with all partners also includes its robust suite of brand safety ratings.

Information on page context and ad viewability is quickly becoming more valuable given industry trends that AdSafe recently discovered around the specifics of ad engagement in relation to ad location. Ads served in what are considered premium, above the fold placements may not be viewed by a user depending on device type or browser settings. Alternatively, ads considered below the fold may in fact be viewed in a more contextually relevant environment -- given a specific page's content and layout, as well as the user's scroll behavior. Finally, ads are engaged with for longer periods of time on certain types or categories of sites over others.

"Historically there wasn't transparency around 80 percent of inventory in the RTB/auction space; 20 percent had user cookie info on it, but the rest was relatively blind. Our agency, network and DSP partners are all moving beyond this by incorporating a host of powerful metrics that offer the most accurate and actionable information for making buying decisions. As an important part of the data mix, we have introduced a significant advantage for all parties to optimize and target campaigns, with an unprecedented level of precision and scale," added Knoll. "No one else offers comparable pre-bid information towards these ends. We will continue to launch rich data products to help all real-time trading players maximize performance and profits throughout 2012."

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AdSafe Media is the digital advertising industry's recognized leader in brand protection and ad engagement data. Its Content Rating System is the only solution that scores and evaluates the brand safety and context of web pages on the individual page level. AdSafe's suite of Real Time Data Feeds for RTB provide the only predictive ad viewability information, brand safety ratings, and contextual analysis to better inform brands'/DSPs' purchasing decisions through trading platforms. AdSafe is headquartered in New York City with operations in San Francisco and London. For more information visit:

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