November 15, 2012 08:00 ET

AdSAM Emotional Response Predicts Outcome of Election and Adds Insights About Parties and Candidate Relationships

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - Nov 15, 2012) - In an AdSAM/SenseUs™ Emotional Response Poll conducted in the last week of October, 2012, and released on November 3, SenseUS™ stated that President Barack Obama connected with Democrats and Independents while Congressmen Paul Ryan not former governor Mitt Romney captures the emotions of Republicans. The 4 index Emotional Strength points between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, accurately predicted the outcome of the election. In addition, the gap between the two, favoring Obama, among Independent voters was accurately captured by this poll. Complete results include four year historical trend, can be found on the SenseUs Blog (

Key findings were:

  • Obama and Biden created the only above average feelings among key Independent Voters
  • Paul Ryan not Romney drives the strong emotional connection to Republican voters
  • Republican Party stronger than Democrats among Independents
  • Tea Party only strong among Republicans
  • Obama and Biden have stronger connection to Democrats than Romney and Ryan do to Republicans

The complete report is available at or through Facebook or Twitter.

SenseUs® is the only omnibus survey that measures both rational AND EMOTIONAL reactions of Americans to current topics and issues, products, services and more. These polls are conducted by AdSAM Marketing, the leading worldwide provider of emotional response market research and SenseUs offers a new approach to evaluating politics and key issues with the assessment of both rational and emotional thought processes.

AdSAM® Emotional Temperature©
Total Sample
199 - Ideally feel about a candidate
100 - Average
96 - Barack Obama
93 - Paul Ryan
91 - Mitt Romney
89 - Joe Biden
82 - Democratic Party in general
81 - Republican Party in general
69 - Tea Party in general

AdSAM® Emotional Temperature™ is based on AdSAM® Emotional Strength™

This non-verbal polling dives deep emotions by eliminating the verbal interpretation on the part of the respondent. This allows an organization to gauge the full and truthful response of the participants.

"Feelings are overlooked in many research plans, which is unfortunate since emotions are the precursor to action," said Jon Morris, Ph.D., president of ADSAM Marketing and communications professor at the University of Florida.

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