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Silverback Media PLC

April 03, 2007 12:21 ET

AdSoda Interactive Launches Version 2.0 of Proprietary Dynamic Ad Serving Platform

Version 2.0 provides advanced solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers for online and/or mobile campaigns including enhanced video advertising services.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 3, 2007) - Silverback Media plc (PLUS:SBMP)(FRANKFURT:SVD) is pleased to announce that its AdSoda Interactive Inc. business unit has launched Version 2.0 of "ASIA," its proprietary dynamic ad server. ASIA (AdSoda Interactive Adserving) is an advanced robust ad serving solution for advertisers, agencies and publishers running online and/or mobile campaigns.

ASIA's ad serving technology employs intelligent targeting methodology to deliver channel-based, relevant advertisements across the AdSoda advertising network to target the desired audience. Advertisers and publishers have complete control over the creative elements delivered to the end user.

The newly-developed version employs a robust video advertising serving solution to simplify the process of scheduling and serving pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads. This functionality provides both advertisers and publishers the ability to integrate highly targeted video and rich media advertising to effectively market and monetize video content both online and on mobile devices.

AdSoda's ad serving platform allows advertisers and web publishers to interact and utilize each other most effectively. Hundreds of campaigns can access millions of impressions, with AdSoda ensuring that buyers optimally extend their reach to highly targeted audiences while sellers allocate every impression for maximum revenue.

The AdSoda dynamic ad server utilizes proprietary intelligence that allows for multiple payment models ranging from CPM, CPC and CPA (cost-per-action). In the CPA advertising payment model, payment by the advertiser is based solely on a qualifying action taking place. Advertisers do not just buy clicks, but pay only if a predetermined conversion takes place, such as a request for information by registration, a subscription, or the download of a product.

The dynamic adserving model is consistent with ASIA's superlative measurement and reporting functionality and Silverback Media's approach of providing ROI-focused, high-performance solutions enabling marketers to cost-effectively acquire and retain customers.

Martin Doane, CEO of Silverback Media commented, "Video ads served both online and on mobile devices are rapidly becoming the medium of choice to generate brand awareness as well as conversions and sales. Consumer interaction with video ads is far higher than that for image format ads, and ASIA provides advanced video metrics that give advertisers the required information that enables them to see how consumers are engaging with their brands and their advertisements."

About Silverback Media plc

Silverback Media plc is a global e-marketing company with operations in Toronto, Paris, London, Miami and Los Angeles. Silverback Media acquires, develops, and accelerates the growth of select businesses that take advantage of interactive, online and mobile marketing solutions and targeted advertising to social networking communities. Through an innovative approach integrating mobile and online capabilities, Silverback Media delivers creative, high-performance solutions enabling marketers to cost-effectively acquire and retain customers and build brand equity.

About AdSoda Interactive

AdSoda has developed and maintains a robust proprietary dynamic online ad serving platform and advertising network that enables clients to reach the greatest online audience across thousands of premium websites and portals. Ads can be targeted across the network based on content, geography, textual relevancy and more, ensuring targeted reach to the desired audience. The AdSoda proprietary ad serving technology employs intelligent targeting methodology to deliver relevant advertisements on dynamically changing content.

AdSoda has leveraged its core technology competencies to recently launch AdMobile, a powerful end-to-end scalable solution that provides advertisers and agencies with real-time dynamic campaign management of mobile ad inventory. This platform operates across multiple content channels for any mobile media type (WAP internet), SMS and downloadable application to create new sources of ROI-driven revenue.

From lead generation to customer acquisition to brand identity, the AdSoda Interactive web marketing experience enables online advertisers and agencies to achieve multiple objectives via a single partner. AdSoda maintains its offices in Toronto, Canada. For further information visit:

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