September 09, 2010 15:10 ET

Adult Trade Show EXXXOTICA Sues City, Venue and Ex-Mayor Dennis Elwell for Attempting to Stop 2008 Event

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2010) -  EXXXOTICA New York, LLC has filed suit in US District Court claiming "breach of contract, breach of good faith, interference with a contractual relationship and negligent, fraudulent and intentional misrepresentation" against the Meadowlands Expo Center, its owners -- Hartz Mountain, management company -- SMG, Secaucus New Jersey Town Administrator -- David Drumeler and Ex-Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell.

The lawsuit stems from EXXXOTICA's 2008 inaugural NY/NJ event in which the defendants allegedly barred the "adult-themed public tradeshow" from the Meadowlands Exposition Center and now refuses to return the $32,500 deposit. 

According to the suit filed, EXXXOTICA says prior to entering into a lease agreement with the Meadowlands Exposition Center, the plaintiff "expressly advised defendants of the nature of various products that would be sold and certain performances and demonstrations that the show anticipated would take place." To that, EXXXOTICA claims that "at no time did representatives of Hartz Mountain, or its agent, SMG, express any reservations about the proposed content of the Tradeshow."

The suit goes on to assert that prior to the signing of the lease, EXXXOTICA corresponded with the Meadowlands management to "inquire whether they were aware of any state and/or local laws that might be an impediment to the service of alcohol at the Tradeshow" to which management responded "that the Tradeshow was acceptable, appropriate and permitted at the venue."

Approximately 7 days before the event was set to open, Secaucus notified EXXXOTICA that the show was going to be barred because "the exhibitions and activities scheduled to take place would be obscene and lewd." Thus defendants claimed that the Tradeshow would purportedly be in violation of New Jersey Division of Alcohol Beverage Control.

At this point, EXXXOTICA claims that "Hartz Mountain sent a letter to the plaintiff falsely claiming that Hartz did not know 'precisely what activities EXXXOTICA intended to permit.'" At which point, EXXXOTICA agreed to "take any and all necessary actions to ensure that the Tradeshow would not violate any State or Local laws, including the ABC Regulations and Secaucus Ordinance."

To this, the plaintiff stated that EXXXOTICA would still "not be permitted in the doors."

Approximately 4 days before the event, EXXXOTICA was forced to find an alternative venue, the New Jersey Expo Center, nearly 30 miles from the Meadowlands and, as asserted in the claim, "incurred substantial additional costs and expenses."

Additionally, "one day prior to the opening of the Tradeshow at the Raritan Center, Plaintiff requested return of their deposit from Hartz MEC due to its false representations and breach of contract. This request continues to be ignored and Hartz MEC continues to retain amounts to which it is not lawfully entitled."

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EXXXOTICA New Jersey is now in its third year and still hosted at the New Jersey Expo Center in Edison, New Jersey. The 2010 event is set to take place November 5-7, 2010. For more information, please visit

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