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February 19, 2013 10:00 ET

Advanced Practice Strategies Delivers GNOSIS™ to Market

Groundbreaking Tool Assesses Clinician Proficiency, Provides Personalized Education, and Reduces Cost and Risk in Today's Accountable Medical World

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 19, 2013) -  Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) today announced that it has successfully completed beta testing of its groundbreaking new tool, GNOSIS™ and has delivered the product to market. GNOSIS is a mobile, cloud-based platform that assesses clinician proficiency, optimizes clinician learning time, and rapidly improves clinician performance in today's accountable medical world. Leading hospitals and health systems will begin product implementation over the next month, including several academic medical centers throughout the country.

With the passage of health reform, the world of healthcare delivery is heavily focused on quality. Investment in medical quality is in large part an investment in people -- the dedicated doctors and nurses who deliver care every day. GNOSIS is the first tool that enables data driven management of continuous performance improvement for the clinical population, providing solutions for several competing post-reform priorities, including clinician learning, reduction of risk, reduction of costs, and data transparency. GNOSIS, quite simply, unleashes great medicine.

Traditional continuing education (CE) is badly broken and severely flawed, not to mention strongly resisted by the users it is supposed to benefit. As a 2010 Institute of Medicine report asserted, "There are major flaws in the way continuing education is conducted, financed, regulated, and evaluated. As a result the healthcare workforce is not optimally prepared to provide the highest quality of care to patients." Further to an outdated and depersonalized experience for learners, traditional CE provides no support to healthcare administrators, who now more than ever seek clarity on areas of risk and opportunities for improvement.

Enter GNOSIS -- a strategic risk management, cost reduction, and performance improvement tool. A data-driven virtual coach that identifies areas for knowledge and judgment improvement, weights them by error risk, maps out a personalized curriculum of best-in-class content delivered in 3-5 minute chunks for today's busy clinician, and delivers administrative dashboards that allow managers to understand risk and competency profiles at the clinician, institution, and system-wide levels.

"APS is thrilled to announce that GNOSIS is now available to our clients and partners," said Dennis Ferrill, CEO, Advanced Practice Strategies. "The tool is the culmination of years of intimate experience working with more than a thousand hospitals and their associated clinicians and insurers, to understand the drivers of clinical risk and the knowledge needs of physicians and nurses. GNOSIS will not only fundamentally change the way we see continuing education, finally making it work well for doctors and nurses, but it will shine a light on a place that has long been dark, bringing the sources of risk into view and helping us see how to reduce that risk by providing knowledge where and only where it is needed. Quality will improve, costs will go down, and clinicians and patients will be better off."

The first release of GNOSIS covers Obstetrics, where the financial cost of risk is real -- $250-470 per birth -- and the human toll of error can be painfully high. GNOSIS for the Emergency Department is in queue as the second product release, expected May 2013.

"GNOSIS provides a new view of clinical performance for individual clinicians and provider organizations. This creates entirely new possibilities for improving care," said Bob Higgins, Founding General Partner of Highland Capital Partners, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, and Chairman of the Board at Advanced Practice Strategies. "I believe APS is poised to redefine CME, making it work better for providers and clinicians, and ultimately improving patient care."

Jeff Stolte, also an APS board member and Investment Manager at Ascension Health Ventures continued, "GNOSIS was created to motivate and maintain excellent doctors and nurses, with respect for their time and learning needs. By tailoring to each individual's performance profile, the most critical areas are addressed quickly and areas of risk are systematically uncovered, giving hospitals a line of sight into operational management that was never before possible."

To learn more about GNOSIS please visit and download the GNOSIS brochure and white paper. The opportunity to transform clinical learning, redefine continuing education, reduce errors and costs, and increase clinician and administrator satisfaction is real today.

About Advanced Practice Strategies:

Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) is eliminating risk and reducing healthcare costs by making it easier for physicians, nurses, and other providers to fill knowledge gaps that lead to serious medical errors. The company's newest innovation, GNOSIS™, is a groundbreaking mobile, cloud-based tool that assesses clinician proficiency by creating a mathematical representation of clinical decision making scripts, uses that model to map latent risk, and delivers highly customized education that saves clinician learning time, rapidly improves performance, reduces medical malpractice risk, and increases patient safety, all while ensuring administrators are equipped with a transparent performance dashboard at the clinician, organization, and system-wide levels. GNOSIS redefines continuing clinical education while addressing healthcare quality, costs, and satisfaction in today's accountable medical world.

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