Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation

November 07, 2013 13:01 ET

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation Advances Anti-Cancer Program

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Nov. 7, 2013) - Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation ("APC" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:APC) is pleased to announce the achievement of an important milestone in its anti-cancer program with its collaborators by demonstrating that the first of a series of the Company's site-specifically labeled protein conjugates binds tightly to specific tumor cells and concentrates in tumor tissue, when administered intravenously, in animals. We have also demonstrated that the protein itself retards the growth of established tumors in animals. These results provide a basis for augmenting the protein's fundamental anti-cancer activity with additional entities, such as chemotherapeutics and/or other targeting entities. In addition, initial studies indicate that the Company has discovered a novel method for substantially increasing the affinity of the protein toward such cancer cells, with potential for yielding superior, first in its class, anti-cancer therapeutics.

The Company's technology is based on a proprietary platform that can be used to attach known therapeutic entities to specific sites on proteins. The attachments are designed, in the present instance, to enhance the properties of this protein which is targeted for cancer cells and endow it with additional therapeutic functions. The basis of APC's technology is what the Company regards as the Foundation Trinity: consisting of not only targeted therapy and combination therapy, but homogeneous therapy as well. Homogeneity originates from the utilization of this protein not only as a delivery system, but also as a scaffold upon which to attach each anti-cancer entity to the same specific site on the protein. This property is key to efficient manufacturing and product development. The latter feature differentiates APC from its competitors and affords competitive advantages in homogeneously producing single agents bearing multiple therapies that meet the industrial gold standard of purity.

Dr. Alexander Krantz, APC's President and CEO, stated that "the current results are important milestones for the Company in that they provide a basis for generating a number of potential drug candidates that are protein conjugates of high purity and high potency. These types of drug candidates are essentially what the Company anticipated in embarking on the Foundation Trinity™ technology that we announced earlier this year. The current results validate the notion that the protein can retard tumor growth by conventional administration in animals. The initial results of enhancing the protein's affinity by novel methods that the Company has developed, would appear to provide substantial scope for our efforts in producing superior anti-cancer therapeutics."

About APC

APC specializes in the development and patenting of advanced methods and platform technologies designed to deliver drugs to specific cellular targets. The Company's patent-pending technology creates transportation systems for drugs to target cells that need to be destroyed, such as cancer cells. APC uses its proprietary enabling technology for chemical modification of the carrier proteins. These methods allow the drug, in accord with regulatory requirements, to be site-specifically attached to the carrier protein which tracks to cancers cells. APC is focused on developing the first commercial application of cancer cell targeting by a specific protein family that has an affinity for cancer cells. Due to its high affinity for a target receptor on cancer cells, the protein can function as a transport system for drugs linked to its surface, with the prospect of avoiding the debilitating toxic effects that have plagued the use of chemotherapeutic drugs.

By virtue of similar affinity of the protein family for cells in the process of dying, the foregoing technologies are also applicable to the repair of cells where loss of function is a critical event, such as in eye diseases and myocardial infarction.


Alexander (Allen) Krantz, President and Chief Executive Officer

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