SOURCE: Advantage for Analysts

September 08, 2008 12:23 ET

Advantage for Analysts® Announces Partnership Solution Set Release 4.0 for Renewable Energy Financing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 8, 2008) - Advantage for Analysts has released 4.0 of its Partnership Solution Set for structuring, analyzing and tracking Tax Equity Partnership Flip Financings for renewable energy projects. Release 4.0 reduces the complexity financers and developers face when structuring projects with tax equity and debt while also simplifying the tracking of diverse portfolios of project assets.

Richard Homich, a Principal at Advantage for Analysts, explains, "Recent cost increases for tax equity makes it more challenging for developers to satisfy their economic objectives. The improved debt and cash sweep structuring in Release 4.0 makes it easier for tax equity investors, lenders and developers to balance the risks and rewards of renewable energy projects." These and other new capabilities include:

--  Debt Structuring:  Structures up to five (5) tranches of debt with
    debt reserves.  Also simplifies debt structuring for deals with multiple
    project funding dates.
--  Cash Sweeps:  Structures cash sweeps based on timing, cumulative
    amounts and capital account balances.
--  Tracking Actual Operating Results:  Tracks pro forma and actual
    operating performance data. Generates pro forma GAAP reports based on the
    hypothetical liquidation at book value (HLBV) methodology as well as the
    current period, reconciling HLBV book entries based on actual results.
--  Acquiring v. Contributing Assets:  Simplifies the assessment of
    contributing or selling assets into a partnership structure by controlling
    the options with a simple input switch.
--  Multiple In-Service Dates:  Structures tax equity partnerships with
    multiple projects going online at different dates.
--  Depreciation:  Increases flexibility for handling asset depreciation
    (e.g., custom schedules, more built-in methods, original in-service date,
--  Usability: New structuring "cockpit" provides ease of use and
--  Multiple Yield-Based Flips:  Structures deals with multiple yield-
    based flips and provides complete proof-of-yield reports.
--  Goal Solving:  Automates the setting of key business parameters (e.g.,
    amount of equity capital, shares, etc.) that meet economic objectives
    within feasible structures. Supports targets for single or multiple

Dennis Moritz, Lead Architect of the Partnership Solution Set, added, "We have come a long way since we modeled the first Sweetwater PAPS structure using Advantage software at Babcock & Brown. Release 4.0 offers significant improvements in structuring flexibility and project tracking that dramatically improve the manageability of tax equity financed renewable energy deals."

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