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June 17, 2013 07:30 ET

Advanti Simplifies and Accelerates the Research Process for Investment Firms

Company Automates Data Preparation to Help Analysts Move Investment Strategies Into Live Trading Environments in Days, Not Weeks

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2013) - Research data is arguably one of the most valuable assets an investment firm can possess, however firms spend considerable amounts of time and money to integrate, generate, and curate this information in-house. Performing these low-level data mechanics can add days or even weeks to the time between when a brilliant idea is generated to the time it is backtested, simulated, and deployed into a live trading environment. Advanti Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in the development and deployment of solutions for financial data research and analytics, today announced that it is on a mission to streamline the lifecycle of data management within the systematic investment process so analysts can focus on the important work of generating higher returns and managing risk.

The Advanti solution provides a cost-effective and intelligent bridge between the many tools and data sources available to analysts today. A flexible combination of hardware, software, people and process, this high-performance solution automates the once tedious processes of data preparation, including:

  • High-Performance Data Warehousing - Making data immediately analyzable in a fast "Big Data" database that is vendor-agnostic and capable of storing large volumes of historic and live data
  • Data Access and Manipulation - Bringing fragmented data cleansing and calculation out of analysts' workspaces to promote sharing and verification of research results
  • Derived Data Management - Computing, storing, and sharing data that is generated throughout the investment lifecycle such as intermediate data, factor data, or model scores
  • Entity Management - Integrating datasets stored using different security identifiers into a logical entity that enables ease of historic and live data analysis

Advanti does this in a high-speed, massively parallel processing (MPP) database that can be integrated across the industry's leading data vendors. The result is an environment where data is always ready to be accessed by analytical tools in minutes, not days. With Advanti, new investment strategies can be tested quickly and moved into a live trading environment up to ten times faster than previous, manual data preparation methods. This frees analysts from the time-consuming process of data preparation, and allows them to focus on their core competency of generating and trading on profitable investment strategies.

"The omnipresence of Big Data in the investment world has created a tremendous opportunity for analysts, who can now access a wealth of information when researching new strategies," said Douglas Eisenstein, Founder of Advanti. "However, preparing this data for analysis is creating an ever increasing workload that adds significant time to the research process, and unnecessary delays to the implementation of profitable new strategies. The Advanti solution automates this once manual process to make data instantly accessible to analysts and shorten the time from idea to implementation."

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Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Advanti is a pioneer in the development and deployment of solutions that simplify and accelerate the research process for financial firms by automating the once-tedious task of data preparation. Founded in 2003 and led by experts in the fields of data warehousing, analytics and financial research, Advanti has helped dozens of financial firms to make vast amounts of data instantly accessible by analysts, allowing them to test new investment strategies quickly and move them into a live trading environment up to ten times faster than previous, manual data preparation methods. For more information, visit

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