SOURCE: Author Apolonia Plum

Author Apolonia Plum

March 23, 2015 05:46 ET

'Adventures of Meows' Conquers Children's Rooms Across the Country

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 23, 2015) - Dr. Seuss' "The Cat in the Hat" has been entertaining young readers (and older ones too!) for decades. Even today, almost sixty years after its first publication, the cat with his red-and-white-striped hat pops up in classrooms and visits local libraries. Now, Seuss' mischievous little friend got support from a new black cat that is conquering kids' rooms all over the United States: Meows. Penned by Apolonia Plum, Meows takes children with him on exciting adventures. Like most kids, he cannot sit still and constantly finds himself in new situations. Lost in the woods, running a swamp race, befriending a neighboring frog -- accompanying Meows through his stories never gets boring.

Children are identifying with the fictional cat, as he navigates through life. He has a lot to learn and is always a curious, brave adventurer, which makes the newly released children's book series "Adventures of Meows" the perfect series for children to learn, grow, and escape into another world. Take 'Scary Jumps,' for example: Meows is afraid to take on a high jump between tree branches, gets stuck and does not know how to solve the problem. He then learns how practice, caution and planning can help one overcome and master a dangerous task. Plum proudly tells how this very story helped her little daughter overcome her fears of downhill skiing: "She said: 'Mom, let's do what Meows did. We practice on a smaller slope first.' It is great to have a book to help children find a way to solve a problem."

One important aspect of the new book series is the playful drawings, by illustrator Dimitry Epstein. The illustrator's unique way of displaying emotions and conveying the elements of the story helps children to imagine while they read. The combination of imaginative writing and skilled illustration is working - within a matter of months the books has received five-star reviews from happy parents. One mother who has been reading "Adventures of Meows" to her child raves on Amazon "Absolutely wonderful book! Awesome illustrations, incredible storyline!" while a parent on iBooks tells "Both of my kids really enjoyed the story. It is kind and funny. The cat is adorable with all its feline impersonations. Illustrations are spot on!" Even grandparents are smitten by the fury fellow, as can be seen in a Barnes & Noble review: "My 6 and 7 year old grandchildren love these stories they enjoy being read to. We have cats and the adventures are cute and have a lesson."

Born in Minsk, Belarus, country of old evergreen forests, dreamy swamps, and birch groves, author Apolonia Plum grew up surrounded by nature and animals like the ones in her books. Today, she lives in New York City, with her husband and two little kids. A software solutions architect by day, Plum is a passionate children's book writer whose characters draw from her real life acquaintances and their stories. Each of Meows adventures contains a life lesson about friendship, discovery, or life in general. The six-book series is available in Kindle and print from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and has already sold over 10,000 copies. Available titles include Rescue, Swamp Race, Boring Day, Lost, Scary Jumps, and Winter Greeting.

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