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December 07, 2010 04:00 ET

Adversor Selects Arbor Networks to Power Its Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation Security Services

Services Available for Everyone From Global Organizations to SMEs

CHELMSFORD, MA--(Marketwire - December 7, 2010) - Arbor Networks Inc., a leading provider of security and network management solutions for converged carrier networks and next-generation data centers, announced today that their Peakflow® product family will help power a new cloud-based DDoS mitigation service launched today by Adversor.

Adversor is focused exclusively on the growing problem of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, offering security services that can meet the needs of everyone from global organizations to small businesses. Adversor's cloud-based service ensures that DDoS attacks are identified and mitigated before they get to customer premises. Adversor is using Arbor's Peakflow SP solution to monitor customer access points at the edge of their infrastructure, in addition to constantly monitoring the entire Internet, looking for attacks that could disrupt or impact the availability of customer services. When Peakflow SP identifies an attack, customer traffic is diverted to the Arbor Threat Management System where it is scrubbed, and attack traffic surgically removed, while legitimate business traffic is passed through to the customer. Arbor Networks® delivers an integrated solution that identifies and surgically removes network and application layer attacks without interrupting the flow of legitimate traffic. This means that customer-facing services remain available while Adversor actively mitigates attacks.

"Adversor is acutely focused on the growing and constantly changing problem of DDoS. We have developed a unique security service that for the first time addresses the needs of any business operating online, from large global companies to small and medium-sized enterprises," said Simon Cartwright, Adversor's chief executive officer. "Adversor could not offer a world-class DDoS mitigation service without utilizing the Arbor Networks Peakflow SP platform. It is the de facto standard worldwide for DDoS attack identification and real-time mitigation. Arbor brings tremendous domain expertise and has been a fantastic partner to work with."

"Adversor shares Arbor's passion for solving the DDoS problem. They have developed a unique cloud-based service that can help organizations of all sizes maintain the availability of their online properties. If web services are unavailable because of an attack, the consequences can be extreme, from lost revenue to damaged reputations. Any business online today, no matter their size, should be prepared to defend against a DDoS attack. For many, this has been out of their reach, until now," said Tony King, Arbor Networks vice-president for European operations.

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About Arbor Networks
Arbor Networks® is a leading provider of network security and management solutions for converged carrier networks and next-generation data centers, including more than 70 percent of the world's Internet service providers and many of the largest enterprise networks in use today. Arbor's secure service control solutions give customers a single, unified view into their networks' performance, helping them to quickly detect anomalous behavior, mitigate threats and enforce policy. This translates into actionable business intelligence to generate new forms of revenue and to maintain a competitive advantage.

Arbor also maintains ATLAS -- a unique collaborative effort with 100+ service providers across the globe sharing real-time security, traffic and routing information. No other entity today has both aggregated this much real-time information about what is happening across the Internet and developed the means for cross-provider collaboration that informs numerous business decisions.

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About Adversor
Adversor was established specifically to protect organisations against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which are increasing in prevalence, severity and sophistication. With a very clear focus on the DDoS phenomenon, we have invested heavily in the next generation of hardware and the specialist expertise required to deal with the huge scale and complexity of DDoS attacks, and offer our clients a cloud-based security service with global reach to protect their web operations from this threat. Adversor's executive team have more than 80 years' experience in IT and have been involved in all aspects of risk mitigation, from physical to Cyber Security. We work with specialist agencies and manufacturers and employ various cybernetic techniques to quantify risk for the insurance sector, technology companies and financial services organisations. We also have substantial experience of analysing information from diverse feeds and have closely studied the evolution of the cyber criminal to the point where traditional methods of protection are no longer valid as the distributed Internet threat becomes more advanced.

Based in the City of London, Adversor has strategic hubs in New York, Singapore and Frankfurt and has plans for satellite locations in all major centres of demand.