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Click My Video, Inc.

May 06, 2010 11:57 ET

Advertising Moves Dollars Away From TV Toward Digital

DVRs Mean Consumers Watching Fewer Commercials, Using Internet More

HOLIDAY, FL--(Marketwire - May 6, 2010) -  If you want to know which media is hot, just follow the money.

As technology changes consumer habits -- using the DVR to skip commercials and using the Internet to access more video content -- advertisers are smelling the scent in the wind. A study by the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) released late last year predicts a continued upward surge in digital media investment for 2010. According to eMarketer's summary, "81 percent of the brand executives surveyed expected an increase in digital projects in 2010, and one-half will be moving dollars from traditional to digital budgets. Further, more than three-quarters think the current economy will push more allocations to digital."

Todd Gregorcic, president of online video advertising provider Click My Video, Inc. (, said the survey tracks with what he has been seeing in the marketplace.

"The Internet is becoming more and more attractive to advertisers with big budgets as well as those with modest budgets because there are more eyeballs than ever and better ways of tracking them," he said. "With the advent of the DVR, who really knows who is watching TV, when they're watching it and what they're watching. With digital media, you can track Web site visits, collect marketing information and even email consumers directly with rich media like video. More than that, advertisers are able to target their audience based on key demographics and enthusiast interests on a granular level that just isn't viable with any other medium."

Gregorcic said that many advertisers are using digital in unique ways, to fit the habits of Internet users.

"We are seeing and tracking a high percentage of consumers who watch a video they were emailed by an advertiser who then click through to the advertiser's Web site," Gregorcic said. "And even when they don't respond, we can track it and adjust the campaign. That's something you can only do in the digital world. You'd never be able to react on the fly like that with a TV campaign."

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Todd Gregorcic is a business and digital pioneer whose early background was in product development, start-up companies and early stage ventures in a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing and contracting. He is also the co-founder of a private equity firm. 

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