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Advise Technologies, LLC

May 21, 2013 09:00 ET

Advise Technologies Launches New Integration Services

Automation Streamlines the Process for Form PF, CPO-PQR

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) -  Advise Technologies, LLC, a software solutions provider for global regulatory and investor reporting, announced today that it has launched a new consulting and integration services offering. This service is designed to help clients create more robust and efficient filing processes for Form PF, CPO-PQR and similar reporting.

Filing Form PF or CPO-PQR is a learning experience. Even after the second or third filing, when the best interpretative choices, data sources and processes are better understood, most firms can still benefit from streamlining and improving their filing procedures. Most critically, by automating these processes, firms can achieve increased efficiency, greater reliability and consistency among reporting to regulators and investors.

Part of Advise's new consulting offering involves a detailed analysis of a firm's reporting operation in order to assess gaps against best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. Where appropriate, Advise now provides full integration services to automate components of the filing process, enabling firms to easily retrieve data from inside and outside sources, including counterparty- and fund administrator-provided data. Firms tasked with filing new and existing requirements can leverage Advise's Consensus RMS reporting solution to enter a single data set that can be used for multiple forms, ensuring consistency and ultimately eliminating the redundant time and effort required to file each form separately.

Advise's Consensus RMS offers integration with key accounting, risk, data warehouse, investor relations and other systems. The solution currently supports Form PF, CPO-PQR and OPERA reporting. Support for AIFMD and other regulatory and investor reporting is planned for release this year.

Advise has written a white paper, titled, "You've Filed Form PF and CPO-PQR, Now What?" that expands on the need for automation as the key to increasing the efficiency and reliability of regulatory and investor reporting processes. The paper is available by request; please contact for more information.

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Advise Technologies, LLC, provides proven software solutions that facilitate regulatory compliance for private fund managers and their service providers. Through its Consensus RMS suite of desktop and enterprise-grade solutions, Advise supports a full range of global regulatory reporting including Form PF, CPO-PQR in the United States and the AIFM Directive in the European Union. The firm also provides a complete document management system through its Vault DMS suite which helps locate, track and automate key documents, respond to regulatory exams, and comply with FATCA. Built by financial industry veterans, Advise empowers clients to automate traditionally resource-intensive and error-prone processes to ensure intuitive, fast, and cost effective electronic regulatory reporting and document management. The firm is headquartered in New York. For more information, please visit

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