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February 23, 2011 09:01 ET

Advisor Medical Offers New, Dedicated Musculoskeletal Ultrasound System From BK Medical Designed for MSK Professionals

Flex Focus 400MSK Ultrasound System Provides Excellent Diagnostic Image Quality Pain Free

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) -  Advisor Medical, the leading provider of musculoskeletal ultrasound systems, comprehensive training and service, today announced that it will begin selling the new, dedicated Flex Focus™ 400MSK ultrasound system from BK Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG). The Flex Focus 400MSK system, developed exclusively for Advisor Medical, is designed specifically for musculoskeletal imaging professionals. The new ultrasound system offers premium image quality, a unique touch pad user-interface, and it is extremely user friendly. As a result, patient exams, such as sports injuries, are performed pain-free.

"As a customer-focused ultrasound distributor for private office physicians and the leader in the MSK ultrasound market, we have the ability to evaluate the best systems from all over the world," said Lance Corlis, vice president of sales, Advisor Medical. "This is why we are very excited to take BK Medical's Flex Focus 400MSK ultrasound system to market. Its user interface is extremely easy for surgeons to operate and its large monitor is optimal for performing procedures. In addition, the image resolution and quality are the best I've seen compared to any systems currently available today, and the value for all clinicians, including solo practitioners is excellent."

The Flex Focus 400MSK provides high-resolution imaging in superficial and deep targets for improved diagnostic confidence. The ultrasound system's intuitive user interface offers specific anatomy measurements and annotations for enhanced productivity and pain-free patient exams. In addition, the system is controlled using a unique touch control panel, which helps to dramatically reduce the number of keystrokes required for image optimization. The Flex Focus 400MSK high-resolution 19-inch flat screen displays sharp 2D images with superb detail and contrast resolution, and the system is configurable with BK Medical's Power Pack option, a full back-up power solution providing plug-free imaging for up to four hours.

"BK Medical is proud to partner with Advisor Medical, a market leader in providing musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging solutions," said Matthew Theiler, vice president of global sales for BK Medical. "The team at Advisor Medical consistently meets clinicians' needs including high-level training, service and support. In addition, we believe their successful customized approach as a customer-focused ultrasound partner, coupled with the value the Flex Focus 400MSK system offers, will further broaden its footprint throughout the musculoskeletal market."

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BK Medical is a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG), specializing in the development and production of diagnostic ultrasound equipment. BK Medical is recognized as a global leader in the development of ultrasound systems designed for interventional radiology, surgery and the investigation of urological disorders. The products developed and marketed by BK Medical also include systems for other applications such as pelvic floor and anesthesiology. BK Medical has its European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and U.S. headquarters in Peabody, Massachusetts. BK Medical is represented in 60 countries with subsidiary sales companies in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Nordic countries and the UK. An extensive network of distributors connects BK Medical with Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the rest of the world. For more information visit

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