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November 24, 2010 17:28 ET

Advocate Auto Consultants: Americans Can Expect to Lose $62 Million in Diminished Vehicle Value Due to Accident Rates This Holiday Season

ORLANDO, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - Nov. 24, 2010) - As Americans look for additional ways to save this holiday season, few realize the potential costs they could face as they take to the roads this long weekend. According to American Automotive statistics, the week of Thanksgiving will see an estimated 100,000 car accidents across the country. Of these collisions, 11,000 American drivers will sustain Loss of Market Value to their damaged vehicles – better known as Diminished Value. On average, these drivers will lose $5,700 off the resale value of their vehicles. Over Thanksgiving week this year that number is expected to reach $62.7 million in Diminished Value across the nation.

According to Advocate Auto Consultants, a leading national advocacy firm handling Diminished Value Claims - they have developed a proprietary system that is highly effective in reclaiming these losses for the consumer.

To Advocate Auto Consultants CEO, Tom Coletta, "Thousands of Accident Victims sustaining $2,500 or more in damages while driving a newer model car are eligible to reclaim the Diminished Value that the Insurance Companies often choose not to inform the Victims about. It's shocking how few people know this is even something they can pursue. As a result of holding back this information, the Insurance Companies are saving Billions of Dollars a year."

Advocate Auto Consultants is a nationwide service that works on behalf of qualified car accident victims, advocating directly with Insurance Companies to collect the Diminished Value, or Loss of Market Value to a vehicle. The company has won millions of dollars for American Car Accident Victims, based on 80 years of case law that proves even after impeccable repairs, the value of a vehicle suffers after an accident and the at-fault party's insurance company owes you for this Loss in Market Value.

Starting this week and continuing through the holiday season, there will be more cars on the road, an increase in weather and alcohol related accidents and as a result, an all time high in money lost to drivers as a result of Diminished Value.

For additional information on Diminished Value and how it impacts drivers, please visit or contact Advocate Auto Consultants directly at 1-877-435-4006 for assistance today.

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Advocate Auto Consultants is the Industry Leader in Advocacy for Diminished Value Vehicle Claims. Each day thousands of qualified claims are handled from start to finish by understanding Advocates who work to reclaim these losses that Insurance Companies would rather not reimburse for. Advocate Auto Consultants works strictly on a contingency fee basis only, meaning that customers will only pay a small percentage of their claim if the claim is settled, there are no upfront out of pocket costs to the consumer ever. The motivation behind Advocate Auto Consultants is based on 80 years of case law proving that Diminished Value Claims are a missed source of income for car accident victims and that Insurance Companies would rather not pursue them. By using Advocate Auto Consultants you are working directly with an expert that can represent you resulting in a greater level of reimbursement, in far less time than if you were to pursue this action on your own.

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