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December 20, 2010 15:30 ET

Advocate Auto Consultants: Parking Lots Account for 1.26 Million Car Accidents in the U.S. Annually, With a 20% Jump Over Christmas Due to Congested Shopping Centers

ORLANDO, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - Dec. 20, 2010) - As Americans flood shopping centers for last minute gifts, few realize the potential costs as they brave crowded malls and congested parking lots this Christmas season. Annually, there are 6.3 million car accidents recorded in the U.S. and according to the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association, 1.26 million occur in parking lots across America. Over Christmas, this number increases by 20% due to the huge volume of shoppers and traffic hitting the malls for last minute Christmas shopping.

According to Advocate Auto Consultants, the leading National Advocacy Firm handling Diminished Value Claims, they have developed a proprietary system that is highly effective in reclaiming these losses for the consumer.

To Advocate Auto Consultants CEO, Tom Coletta, "Thousands of Accident Victims sustaining $2,500 or more in damages while driving a newer model car are eligible to reclaim the Diminished Value that the Insurance Companies often choose not to inform the Victims about. During the busy holiday season, more people are impacted by Diminished Value and Americans just can't afford to lose this money."

Advocate Auto Consultants is The Nation's #1 Full Service Diminished Value Company that works on behalf of car accident victims, advocating directly with Insurance Companies to collect the Diminished Value, or Loss of Market Value, to a vehicle. The company has collected millions of dollars in Diminished Value Settlements for Car Accident Victims, utilizing the 80 years of case law that proves even after impeccable repairs the value of a vehicle suffers after an accident. The at-fault party's insurance company owes you for this Loss in Market Value.

Starting the week of December 20th, the volume of traffic in shopping center parking lots is at a yearly high. The sheer number of vehicles results in more collisions and millions of dollars in lost value to vehicle owners as a result of Diminished Value.

For additional information on Diminished Value, and how it will impact drivers this holiday season, please visit or contact Advocate Auto Consultants directly at 1-877-435-4006 for assistance today.

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Advocate Auto Consultants is the Nation's #1 Full Service Diminished Value Company. Thousands of qualified claims are handled from start to finish by Diminished Value Specialists that possess the experience and working knowledge to reclaim these losses that Insurance Companies save billions of dollars a year by not fully compensating consumers. Advocate Auto Consultants works strictly on a contingency fee basis, meaning that consumers will only pay when the claim is settled. There are no upfront or out-of-pocket costs to the consumer ever! The motivation behind Advocate Auto Consultants is helping consumers in collecting their vehicle's lost value due to an accident from an Industry that negligently refuses to acknowledge the victim's rights and purposely impedes the recovery process for the victim. By using Advocate Auto Consultants, you have experts working for you that can successfully fight these Industry Giants and collect a larger amount of what you are rightfully owed in a shorter period of time.

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