May 30, 2012 08:00 ET

Aegis Launches Suite of Business Intelligence Services Aegis Pi

Real Time and Historic Data Analytics to Enable Proactive Management, Maximizing Outputs

DALLAS, TX and MUMBAI, INDIA--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - Aegis, a global business services and experience management company, today launched Aegis Proactive Intelligence (Pi), a suite of business intelligence services. Aegis Pi is a state-of-the-art-solution with capabilities of delivering unparalleled business management experience, utilizing knowledge from historic and real time data. Aegis Pi enables organizations to gain insights into data streams, dive into operations metrics, zoom out to get a global perspective and be mobile through an interface that is wholly intuitive, interactive and informative.

Aparup Sengupta, Managing Director and Global CEO, Aegis, said, "Aegis Pi empowers organizations to predict business challenges before they arise and act preemptively to mitigate their impact. This solution enables clients to have access to real time information across the globe on a single window. With Aegis Pi, we hope to provide value addition to our clientele and add another feather in the cap under our innovative service offerings."

Aegis Pi is a comprehensive real time holistic solution. Its ability to correlate multiple events and identify patterns helps in an efficient decision making process. Aegis' team of highly qualified domain experts collaborate with clients to re-engineer or innovate on new processes on the basis of insights gathered from multiple data sources. With customized results, clients benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the organization and its internal operations to help steer its direction towards optimal growth.

Added Sandeep Gulati, Executive Vice President, Aegis Pi, "Aegis Pi is a business intelligence tool that can benefit each organization. From real time updates to visually interactive dashboards to actionable intelligence, the product covers all corners in successful business management. A combination of intelligent experts and state-of-the-art technology are constantly churning data aimed at impacting profit margins of businesses."

Key features of Aegis Pi:

  • Intelligence Command Centers
    The intelligence command centers produce real-time business summaries from multiple data streams, intelligent analysis and interpretation. It empowers management teams to make rational and actionable decisions on the go.

  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
    Aegis Pi provides access to real-time, around-the-clock information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions. This aids managers in extracting intelligent, ready-to-use, real-time summary of business activities, anticipating challenges or problem areas, and acting promptly to prevent or mitigate them in order to sustain continued growth and performance.

  • Business Optimization
    Aegis Pi acts as a Decision Support System for the organization. It helps businesses optimize both costs and resources by transforming data into actionable information. It leverages business rules to identify and act upon patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. This helps businesses establish a proactive approach to enhance performance and improve operational efficiency.

The solution provides pertinent information that is compatible with all mobile devices and is truly platform agnostic.

About Aegis
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