SOURCE: Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.

March 16, 2010 12:51 ET

Aerospace Boss Pledges $1.4M to Help Landmine Victims

Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc.; The Following Is a Press Release Released by the Mineseeker Foundation Today in Both the UK and the US

JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) - The CEO of US-based Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: QASP), Dean Bradley, has pledged a $1.4M financial package to the UK-based Mineseeker Foundation in a bid to provide ongoing practical support to the victims of landmine blasts worldwide -- and will be the foundation's first corporate patron.

The Mineseeker Foundation was founded by Mike Kendrick in 2001, when the former CEO of Virgin Airship and Balloon Company devised a means of detecting landmines using sophisticated radar detection carried by airships.

Nine years on, the foundation continues to seek ways of aiding landmine victims whilst working simultaneously on landmine detection and eradication thanks to its sister company Mineseeker Operations UK Ltd. It plans to use a unique ground penetrating radar system that can detect landmines from an aerial platform -- now a small plane or helicopter, rather than an airship -- and accurately map minefields, detailing affected areas.

"The scale of the landmine problem is vast -- people are maimed and killed on a daily basis, thousands upon thousands of acres of land that could be used for agriculture are blighted," says Mike Kendrick, founder of the foundation and executive chairman of Mineseeker Operations UK Ltd.

"Current efforts to find and destroy landmines are laborious and time-consuming whilst precious time is wasted, technology utilised by Mineseeker Operations will vastly reduce both time spent and cost involved."

"Whilst all this is going on, people are suffering each and every day and this is where the Mineseeker Foundation comes in -- and thanks to the very generous donation from Dean Bradley of Quasar Aerospace we will be able to set up clinics to provide prosthetic limbs to landmine victims in war-torn areas."

Dean Bradley has first-hand experience of conflict on the ground, having served with the US Army in Korea.

"There is a massive and urgent need to tackle the landmine problem -- this is a huge humanitarian issue which has to be dealt with now," said Dean Bradley. "I am terribly optimistic about what the Mineseeker Foundation can achieve on behalf of landmine victims, and also firmly believe that Mineseeker Operations will succeed on a global level."

Note. The Mineseeker Foundation is a not for profit organisation. It has licensed the know-how and technology to Mineseeker Operations, a for profit concern, established to attract investment to fund the deployment of the Mineseeker systems. Quasar has taken an option to fund Mineseeker Operations in a multi-million dollar programme.

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