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September 29, 2015 08:00 ET

Aerospike Advances Real-Time Decisioning for Spark and Hadoop Users

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NEW YORK, NY and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2015) - (Strata+Hadoop World, Booth 743) - Aerospike, the NoSQL database company recognized for "speed at scale" leadership, announced the release of version 3.6 of its high-performance NoSQL operational database. Aerospike 3.6 offers enhanced support for Spark and Hadoop, enabling users to get even more value from the analytics they create from their data lakes for real-time decisioning scenarios. 

Features of version 3.6 that broadly support the analytics ecosystem include batch reads for complex decisioning algorithms, scans for easier Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) out of Aerospike into an analytics data set, and floating point data types for better analytic calculations.

Making Hadoop Results Actionable in Real Time
Enterprises running modern, mission-critical applications with a mandate for millisecond response times need the ability to process many terabytes of data in real time. The faster an organization can act on data-driven insights, the higher the probability it will gain a competitive business advantage. Aerospike's NoSQL database provides a significantly faster, more reliable and economical way to leverage analytics created in Spark and Hadoop and utilize these insights in enterprise applications that demand real-time decisioning.

Aerospike is a critical precursor for developers who want to write sophisticated, mission-critical decisioning applications that leverage massive data sets while meeting strict service-level agreement (SLA) requirements. Developers can populate Aerospike with both the analytics derived from Hadoop/Spark and real-time data. The applications they run on top of Aerospike are complex rules engines that marry current activity (such as e-payments) to profiles (such as risk algorithms) in order to trigger an immediate action (e-payment approval). In this way, Aerospike 3.6 improves the symbiotic relationship between analytics and real-time transactions -- a critical component of real-time decisioning applications. 

"Enterprise customers are looking for competitive advantage and ROI for Hadoop projects sooner rather than later. With Aerospike, developers can leverage their Hadoop and Spark tools, competencies and resources to deliver more value more quickly," said Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike CTO and co-founder. "Aerospike continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to the Hadoop ecosystem as evidenced by the release of Aerospike 3.6 that offers more functionality for analytics workloads in real time."

Aerospike 3.6 offers several distinct advantages for developers and data scientists, including:

  • Batch reads for complex decisioning algorithms
  • Scans for easier ETL out of Aerospike into an analytics data set
  • Floating point data types which support analytic calculations such as averaging
  • Ability to load analytics data directly from Hadoop or Spark into Aerospike without tedious and error-prone traditional ETL methods
  • Support for persistent and reliable RDDs (resilient distributed datasets) for Spark, which provide a more efficient alternative to current computing frameworks (i.e. MapReduce) for such applications as machine learning and interactive data mining
  • The opportunity to leverage existing infrastructure, skills, analytics tools and scripts while benefitting from Aerospike's speed and scale advantages

Aerospike will demonstrate version 3.6 at the 2015 Strata + Hadoop World (Booth #743), September 29 - October 1 in New York City. Aerospike is enabling businesses to accelerate time to decision across a variety of customers and markets, including major innovators such as AppNexus, eXelate and Kayak.

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Aerospike helps businesses achieve the speed, scale and availability required to manage the real-time transactional workloads of modern, mission-critical applications. The Aerospike high-performance NoSQL database is a key-value store designed for speed at scale. Customers choose Aerospike for its consistently high throughput, low latency, seamless scale-out, and lower TCO advantages. Enterprise and open source versions of Aerospike include tools and packages to help developers build modern applications without low-level programming. Leaders in financial services, telecom, media, retail and technology trust Aerospike to power their web-scale workloads for use cases including fraud detection, call data records, real-time bidding, recommendation engines and caching. Partners include Intel, Samsung, Amazon Web Services, Cloudera and Dell, among others. Aerospike is based in Silicon Valley with sales and development offices in the U.S. and India. Visit and follow us at @aerospikedb.

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