December 21, 2017 12:00 ET

AerServ Launches Private Marketplace Tools for Mobile Publishers

Self-Service Features Provide Tools For Building Private Marketplaces for Mobile Ad Inventory

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 21, 2017) - AerServ, the leading inventory and audience management technology for mobile publishers and advertisers, today announced its new self-serve Private Marketplace tools for Mobile Publishers. As the first mobile mediation platform to launch such an offering, AerServ now grants publishers the power to create and execute their own private marketplace (PMP) deals for mobile ad inventory via this new self-serve tool. Self-service features will allow app developers on the AerServ platform to curate inventory for advertisers, seamlessly execute private marketplace deals, and efficiently manage them among the rest of their ad stack. Publishers can even tap into AerServ's unique Cost Per Completed View PMP capabilities, enabling them to execute PMPs for high-value rewarded video inventory.

"An increasing amount of advertising is being transacted programmatically, and more and more of this spend is going to private marketplaces," said Josh Speyer, AerServ's CEO. "This is for good reason, as PMPs provide an avenue for buyers to transact with more intimacy and less friction than the open exchanges, and can provide greater visibility and quality control for both advertisers and publishers alike."

The level of transparency provided by Private Marketplaces for Mobile Publishers is expected to generate higher CPMs for mobile publishers than on open exchanges, while simultaneously attracting advertisers who might have previously been wary of programmatic in the mobile space.

Private marketplaces are invitation-only, real-time auctions that enable brands to control the sites and mobile apps on which their ads appear. They also provide publishers with a simpler way to package their premium inventory and execute agreements with brand partners.

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AerServ is the leading inventory and audience monetization technology for mobile publishers. AerServ helps thousands of mobile publishers increase revenue through AerServ's ad mediation platform, and increase yield by delivering brand-based ads from the aerMarket ad exchange. AerServ's mediation layer is powered by OpenAuction technology, the industry's first truly comprehensive, unified and simultaneous auction. AerServ's entire platform and infrastructure is built with a publisher-first objective and provides best-in-class support from account managers and software engineers. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Irvine, California. Visit AerServ at or follow us on Twitter at @AerServ.

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