Prescott Financial

Prescott Financial

March 14, 2013 15:30 ET

Affordable Car Loans Become a Reality For Individuals With Poor Credit or No Credit

Prescott Financial is determined to help Americans by getting them driving to where they need to be. Unlike other auto lenders, Prescott Financial is not deterred by bad credit ratings or a lack of credit entirely. For the three years that Prescott Financial has been doing business, they have had a 98 percent approval rate. In addition to this, helps Americans by providing a hassle-free application process, low interest rates, and a range of auto financing options.

SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN--(Marketwire - March 14, 2013) - A poor credit rating or a lack of credit entirely is no longer a deterrent to getting an auto loan. Prescott Financial offers a variety of auto loans on, and they will not refuse a loan based on a bad credit rating.

In the past, finding car loans with bad credit was impossible. However, is making efficient transportation a reality for thousands of Americans who were previously rejected based on bad or nonexistent credit ratings. Arthur Hawthorne, spokesperson of Prescott Financial, explains that, "we have a 98 percent approval rate, which is unmatched by any other auto lender in the USA." Rejection is rare as all credit types are considered on

Helping Americans with used auto financing, new auto financing, auto refinancing and bad credit, is making efficient transportation a reality for many Americans who previously thought it was out of their reach. In addition to offering a variety of financing options for bad credit auto loans, is also one of only a few auto lenders that can boast incredibly low interest rates and a hassle-free application process. Applying for a auto loan is free and only takes two to three minutes to complete; gets more Americans out on the road driving to where they need to be.

Prescott Financial believes in continuously raising their standards, which is why they have added a fee calculator to their website. With the fee calculator, an estimate can be calculated to give customers an idea of how much they will be approved for before they go ahead with the application. The fee calculator considers credit history, current expenses and monthly income. In addition to calculating an estimated approval amount, monthly payments are also estimated.

Prescott Financial's high-quality customer service can be seen in how they address common anxieties and concerns in their "Frequently Asked Questions" section. Unlike competing auto lenders, takes the time to explain to customers that paying their loan back in a timely fashion can actually improve their credit rating, and that the website is completely secure.

Securing car loans with bad credit shouldn't be impossible, and has finally made affordable auto loans a reality for all Americans.


Based out of Superior, Wisconsin, Prescott Financial supplies a range of different auto financing options on their website For three years, this company has been offering used auto financing, new auto financing, auto refinancing, as well as bad credit loans. With low interest rates and a quick application process, is dedicated to supporting individuals all across the USA. For more information, visit

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