October 25, 2012 06:00 ET

Affordable Life Insurance Offered By NBER.com, Available Without a Health Exam

Unlike many life insurance providers, NBER.com does not require proof of good health in order offer to protect individuals who require the security that life insurance offers. NBER.com offers a variety of life insurance options, including whole life insurance, variable life insurance and universal life insurance. Not only is NBER.com able to offer protection without a health exam, but its affordability means going unprotected no longer has to be an option.

TAYLOR, MISSOURI--(Marketwire - Oct. 25, 2012) - In a recent study done by LIMRA, an insurance industry research group, close to 95 million Americans are living without the protection of life insurance. However, rates for life insurance are reaching an all-time low and companies such as NBER.com make life insurance accessible to those who need it the most.

NBER.com provides senior life insurance quotes online, making it easy for anyone to learn more about life insurance. Senior life insurance is an integral part of an adult's financial planning, even if an individual's children are now independent adults and a large benefit package isn't a concern, as it guarantees financial protection for the holder's family in the event of the holder's death.

NBER.com life insurance is not an unnecessary cost. It provides peace of mind both to the holder and the holder's family. NBER.com senior life insurance protects the family the holder leaves behind after their death and can even cover the costs of the funeral and burial. Life insurance is not a luxury but a necessity, and NBER.com makes it particularly accessible.

Even though life insurance has decreased in price by close to 50 percent in the last decade, NBER.com is still cheaper than the standard life insurance offered by competing insurance companies. In addition to low monthly premiums, NBER.com does not require a health exam; health expenses do not need to be covered to be insured by NBER.com.

In addition to affordability, NBER.com offers a range of life insurance plans. With whole life insurance for example, rates are consistent, a portion is turned into cash value and an investment is guaranteed. Whole life insurance also protects families in the case of a premature death. Variable or universal life insurances both build cash worth. Not only does NBER.com offer peace of mind and protection, but it is also an opportunity for investment.

Joe Johnson of NBER.com explains that, "We're proud to offer a diverse array of life insurance policies that are perfect for retirees, seniors and others who are moving on to the golden years of life. Our team works hard to ensure that we find only the best deals in life insurance, saving our clients time and money while providing excellent coverage."

Life insurance information can be found at https://www.NBER.com and it is possible to get whole life insurance comparison quotes now at NBER.com or from a representative. Knowing the details of each insurance plan will help individuals know the terms of the plan and the details regarding cash benefits. For individuals wondering, "is this type of life insurance right for me," all information can be found online.

It is no longer required to live life without being protected by life insurance. NBER.com has made a variety of life insurance plans affordable and accessible, and even an investment opportunity.


NBER.com is an online life insurance provider. Because NBER.com understands that life insurance should be an integral part of an adult's financial planning, the company offers a variety of insurance policies at an affordable price. No health exam is required and no proof of good health is needed for protection. NBER.com provides health insurance quotes online for your convenience. For more information, visit www.NBER.com.

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