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September 27, 2011 07:45 ET

Afribone Selects Blue Coat CacheFlow Appliances to Save on Expensive International Bandwidth and Provide High Quality Web Experience

Leading West African ISP Uses Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000 Appliances to Meet Customer's Growing Demand for Rich Media, Especially Video

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCSI) announced that Afribone, the pioneer and leading provider of Internet access in Mali, has selected Blue Coat® CacheFlow® 5000 appliances to help manage its customers' large and growing demand for international Internet content from outside Mali. The Blue Coat solution enables Afribone to enhance user experience by providing faster Web downloads while minimizing bandwidth requirements and lowering operational costs.

Last year Afribone noted a significant increase in its customers' multimedia needs, as well as significant growth in traffic to Web 2.0 sites. The number of requests directed at video-sharing websites increased massively, and bandwidth demand started to outstrip the ISP's capacities. As a result, the responsiveness of multimedia content sites slowed at peak times and performance for individual video streams became poor and erratic. Afribone has faced the dual challenge of keeping its subscribers happy by providing a fast, high quality Internet experience and the need to control its operational costs due to escalating consumption of expensive international Internet bandwidth.

"Bandwidth is very expensive in Mali, but Blue Coat's solution has enabled us to defer purchasing more, even as we increase user experience and satisfaction for our subscribers," said Eric Stevance, chief executive officer, Afribone. "The CacheFlow solution provides us with performance and speeds which are as good, if not better, than our main competitors, even though we do not consume the same bandwidth resources."

Afribone has obtained immediate and spectacular benefits since deploying CacheFlow appliances, including being able to more than double its client-side bandwidth without adding additional international bandwidth. The combination of increased capacity and keeping content closer to users translates into increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. ADS SAS, the French value-added reseller, provided expertise in providing a smooth, effective deployment.

CacheFlow appliances alleviate the current bind facing service providers: scaling to serve fast-growing customer demand for rich Web 2.0 and video content combined with high expectations for a fast and interactive Web experience, and containing the spiraling costs for bandwidth. Through the use of next-generation caching technologies and the intelligence of the Blue Coat CachePulse™ cloud, CacheFlow appliances efficiently cache Web content to substantially reduce bandwidth consumption and to boost the quality of Internet experience, leading to loyal and more satisfied subscribers and greater competitive differentiation for the service provider.

With CacheFlow appliances deployed in service provider networks, subscribers experience faster response time and better usage characteristics, including smooth, uninterrupted video playback. The appliances also act as a "shock absorber" to address traffic spikes that occur when Web sites and content become popular over a very short period of time, such as during coverage of a major news, sporting or political event. In addition, CacheFlow appliances provide protection from malware and unusual traffic as well as URL filtering to meet cultural and regulatory requirements.

"The Afribone experience demonstrates the ability of CacheFlow 5000 appliances to dramatically reduce bandwidth costs while improving user experience," said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Blue Coat Systems. "Our breakthrough caching technology addresses the mounting challenges providers of Internet access face in meeting fiercely growing demand for Web content, especially video."

Blue Coat has extensive experience with service providers, spanning more than ten years. Blue Coat solutions are deployed in all ten of the world's ten largest service providers, as well as in many small and mid-sized ISPs and mobile operators. The solutions enable the acceleration and security of traffic on the providers' internal and production networks and provide a robust platform for managed security or WAN optimization service delivery. With the introduction of the CacheFlow appliance, Blue Coat has reinvigorated its focus on solving service provider challenges for bandwidth savings, improved user experience and the delivery of rich Web 2.0 content.

Afribone's Eric Stevance adds: "Blue Coat's solution has enabled us to deal with changing demand in terms of customer appetite for content and means we can give them the very best quality of service. What is more, a forecasted ROI of six to nine months represents a genuine advantage for a business like ours."

About Afribone
Created and run by a team with extensive internet experience, Afribone Mali is a locally-based firm, providing innovative services in step with developments in communications technologies in Mali to a loyal customer base since 1999. A pioneer in broadband in Mali right from its establishment as an internet service provider (ISP), the firm is continually striving to ensure its offer is as widely accessible as possible, as evidenced by its baseline: "Broadband internet for all!"

Afribone had the privilege of building the first major networks in Mali and equipping them with a reliable internet connection. Specialising in systems and network engineering, the company offers solutions for networks with complex architectures, as well as providing IT support and internet connectivity for major events in the capital, Bamako -- including summits, conferences, symposiums, and national elections. The firm also carries out training sessions lasting between two and five days, aimed mainly at boosting employees' capabilities. From its outset, Afribone has also designed multimedia content, and has just completed production of a sitcom titled "Karim et Doussou," featuring 47 6-minute episodes.

About ADS
ADS SAS is an added-value vendor dedicated to export markets, with its head office in Orly, France. It provides specialist IT solutions for security, virtualization, and optimization in cloud computing. ADS covers the whole of the African market, as well as French overseas departments and territories. ADS has regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya. Benefiting from in-field experience and close contacts with key players in Africa, ADS markets solutions geared to the needs of local markets through a network of IT partners. ADS' range of solutions mean it is actively involved in the fields of access infrastructures and system security. ADS offers its partners added value in the form of access to leading industry solutions at the same time as providing technical sales assistance, skills transfer, opportunities to achieve common goals -- and efficient logistics.

About Blue Coat Systems
Blue Coat Systems is a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions. Blue Coat offers solutions that provide the visibility, acceleration and security required to optimize and secure the flow of information to any user, on any network, anywhere. This application intelligence enables enterprises to tightly align network investments with business requirements, speed decision making and secure business applications for long-term competitive advantage. Blue Coat also offers service provider solutions for managed security and WAN optimization, as well as carrier-grade caching solutions to save on bandwidth and enhance the end-user Web experience. For additional information, please visit

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