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May 17, 2005 13:09 ET

Agetec WILD ARMS Alter Code: F Debuts for PlayStation®2 in North America

Latest WILD ARMS Franchise Is a Legendary Retelling of the RPG That Started It All

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 17, 2005 -- At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Agetec, Inc., a leading publisher of entertainment software, today announced that it will bring WILD ARMS® Alter code: F™, a brand new title based on the original WILD ARMS RPG, to North America exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Scheduled for availability in Q3 2005, the highly anticipated WILD ARMS Alter code: F was developed by Media Vision and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in Japan.

WILD ARMS Alter code: F is a traditional role-playing game (RPG) offering fresh new characters, enhanced graphics, intricate puzzles and an innovative new battle system. Set within a background of stunning music from the critically acclaimed composers of the WILD ARMS and WILD ARMS 2 soundtracks, WILD ARMS Alter code: F delivers an epic role-playing adventure coupled with emotionally inspired CG sequences to enhance the classic heroic storyline.

"We are proud to have been selected as Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s third-party publisher for WILD ARMS Alter code: F, and look forward to building a relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment," said Mark Johnson, vice president of marketing for Agetec, Inc. "The artistic style and addictive gameplay of WILD ARMS Alter code: F will captivate hard-core gamers and casual adventurers alike."

Returning eight years after the first release of WILD ARMS on PS one™, WILD ARMS Alter code: F is not only a remake of the foremost title in the series, but a completely renewed and evolved experience with expanded story, system and cutting-edge graphics.

Beloved Characters Return

In WILD ARMS Alter code: F, players assume the roles of the original cast members from WILD ARMS: Rudy, a mysterious child who wields the evil power christened as "ARM"; Jack, a swordsman who travels in search of a lost treasure; and Cecilia, a princess with the gift of a medium to communicate with the Guardians, who guide the warriors in their mission. In a quest to reestablish order to their dying world, these "Dream Chasers" prepare to embark on a journey of epic peril, with each unaware of the other's mission to save their world. In addition to these three beloved characters, WILD ARMS Alter code: F introduces three new playable characters -- Emma, Jane, and McDullen.

Enhanced Action and Gameplay

WILD ARMS Alter code: F features an enhanced battle system that delivers a cinematic experience with improved features, including crossfire sequences like those utilized in WILD ARMS 3. Innovative sepia-toned texture shading technology brings to life the vibrant and energetic visuals in a western setting filled with murky dungeons, mystic creations, monster-plagued frontiers and scavenged woods. In addition to featuring a completely 3D world, dungeons will include plenty of new traps to foil players in their quests. Characters have plenty of helpful abilities, ranging from the traditional (running, picking up objects, and leaping) to the stealthy (sneaking and observing) to help them through sticky situations.


--  Over 60 hours of gameplay -- Dual Layer DVD is used to hold the
    massive amount of gameplay, music, and graphics.
--  Proven storyline -- combining the story that attracted many players
    with the latest technology and gaming system.
--  Redeveloped script -- completely rewritten script with new plot twists
    and puzzles.
--  Stunning graphics engine -- detailed characters, enemies, and
    environments truly bring the game to life.
--  Evolved battle system -- control up to six party members to pummel the
--  New environmental effects -- blowing wind in the wilderness, sparkling
    waters, sunlight trickling into towns, and bubbling lava filled ruins. The
    attention to detail and expression of space are the best in the series.
--  Enhanced "realistic" character graphics -- the familiar super deformed
    faces from the original were transformed into accurately proportional
--  Redrawn environments -- the maps, towns, and dungeons were completely
    recreated and updated into 3D format, and all the visual designs were
    redrawn from scratch.
--  HDD support -- load the game directly to the internal hard disk drive
    (40GB) (for PlayStation®2) to decrease load times.
WILD ARMS Alter code: F can be viewed by visiting booth W2660 at E3, where real people demonstrate real games. For more information regarding Agetec's entire lineup of exciting products visit, and go to to get the scoop on Agetec at E3.

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