April 02, 2014 13:09 ET

AGNITiO Demos Simplicity of Voice iD on a Mobile Device

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 2, 2014) - and Madrid, Spain AGNITiO, worldwide market leader in voice biometrics, demonstrates how its FIDO Ready™ KIVOX Mobile Voice iD solution naturally and easily identifies and authenticates mobile users by their unique voiceprint. With Voice iD, consumers can simply speak into their devices "hands free" using their voiceprint to log on, securely access apps and documents, make secure mobile payments and authenticate themselves to call centers.

KIVOX Mobile is a downloadable application for iOS and Android that will replace cumbersome user names and passwords to conduct mobile transactions. The AGNITiO Voice iD software engine attracts application developers who provide mobile technology solutions for financial services, healthcare, cloud security and other privacy-centric applications. Because the engine is available now and can be added to any device, platform or application, AGNITiO Voice iD can rapidly be adopted into the mobile ecosystem. Soon, consumers in a variety of scenarios will have the ability to identify themselves with their unique voiceprint, in any language, electronically or by phone.

Industry experts recently recognized KIVOX Mobile Voice iD biometrics engine as a leader in its category having awarded them the 2013 CARTES' SESAME award for "My voice is my password" for the trusted internet and authentication category and the Envisioneering Innovation and Design Award in 2014 at ShowStoppers, Mobile World Congress last month. Both required a demonstration of how the application works and the implications for broad enterprise and consumer applications.

Mike Goldgof, VP Marketing for AGNITiO, states, "We attribute much of our success to the fact that our technology is highly secure with one of the most stringent EER rates achievable; universal, in that it is language independent; and natural, as we all use our voice with mobile devices and by design the devices are equipped with a microphone."

See the simplicity of the AGNITiO's KIVOX Mobile Voice ID with anti-spoofing technology in this short video: AGNITiO's Voice iD Demo Video. Follow AGNITiO on Twitter @agnitio-corp; Facebook and LinkedIn.

About AGNITiO 
AGNITiO ( is a worldwide market leader for voice biometrics solutions in government and commercial sectors. AGNITiO has an extensive customer base including leading police, intelligence, military and other government organizations in over 35 countries, as well as a number of leading customers and partners in the commercial sector. AGNITiO Corp. is the US subsidiary, leading business development in USA and Canada. AGNITiO's technology and products are protected by a family of patents that grows every year.

AGNITiO is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online), which is dedicated to delivering open standards for strong multi-factor authentication. AGNITIO is already delivering a FIDO Alliance model solution with its voice biometrics Voice iD platform.

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