SOURCE: AgraQuest Inc.

December 16, 2008 19:59 ET

AgraQuest Inc. Receives EPA Registration for REQUIEM™ Insecticide

REQUIEM™ to Provide Sucking Pest Control in Broad Range of High-Value Crops

DAVIS, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - AgraQuest Inc., a leading provider of highly effective and safe pest management products for agriculture, today announced that it has received EPA registration for its new insecticide REQUIEM™ effective immediately.

REQUIEM insecticide, which has demonstrated control of whiteflies, aphids, mites, thrips and other pests in more than 600 trials and grower demos, is registered on a wide variety of high-value fruit and vegetable crops including tomatoes, peppers, brassica, strawberries, bulb vegetables, grapes, cucurbits, select leafy vegetables and others. While effectively controlling target pests, REQUIEM has minimal to no impact on beneficial insects.

"REQUIEM is an exciting new product for AgraQuest and our customers," said Ashish Malik, Senior VP of Global Marketing for AgraQuest. "This product has been engineered to perform effectively for the control of key pests, in either a tank-mix or in a rotation program. Additionally, REQUIEM insecticide provides flexibility through a variety of attributes valuable to growers using IPM programs. It's clear that fruit and vegetable growers need new tools to combat sucking pests while maximizing their profit, and REQUIEM will be an important part of that fight."

In addition to its strong fit into IPM programs, the REQUIEM product possesses a unique mode of action, unlike any other insecticide on the market, making it ideal for managing resistance, a problem facing growers throughout the United States. In Florida, for example, pepper growers have limited choices for controlling sucking pests. In this area, growers have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of REQUIEM insecticide.

"The registration of REQUIEM comes at a time of great need. There are over $1 billion in vegetable crops at risk in Florida this year," said Dr. Joe Funderburk, Professor of Entomology, University of Florida. "Repeated applications of one class of insecticide have resulted in the development of resistant populations. Growers are limited in their options of insecticides like REQUIEM that provide control of western flower thrips, are soft on key beneficials, and fit well into integrated pest management and integrated insecticide resistance programs."

In addition to efficacy in controlling target pests, REQUIEM offers growers maximum flexibility in use. For example, REQUIEM is one of a very few products available that controls sucking pest populations at all stages of their lifecycle. REQUIEM insecticide also holds a short, four-hour restricted entry interval and zero-day pre-harvest interval giving growers maximum flexibility in timing their applications. Further, REQUIEM is exempt from tolerances, allowing growers to use it without worrying about residue levels on their crops, including fruits and vegetables produced for export to foreign markets.

REQUIEM will be sold throughout the U.S. in 2009 with select global markets to follow in 2010.

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