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COGECO Diffusion

May 16, 2011 14:31 ET

Agreement Between Transports Quebec and Cogeco Diffusion: Dedicated Traffic Radio Is in the Works for Montreal Metropolitan and Will Be on the Air This Fall

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) -

Translation of the original French version

Minister of Transport Sam Hamad and Cogeco Diffusion's Radio Senior Vice President Richard Lachance have announced the creation of dedicated traffic radio for the Greater Montréal area. Starting next fall, road users will be able to tune in on the AM band to Cogeco Diffusion's French and English stations for traffic updates and information on road work.

Mindful of the impact of the road work and traffic congestion affecting the Montréal highway network, the Minister of Transport identified radio as the information tool of choice to ease the flow for users of the roadways.

"Traffic radio will certainly help to reduce the impact our work sites have on truckers and drivers in the Greater Montréal area. With it, users will be able to plan their routes and make informed real time choices about how to get to their destinations. The agreement announced today will make it possible to create and operate new radio stations that will enhance the services already provided by Québec 511 and traffic announcers," stated Minister Hamad.

Real time focus on user needs

The project provides for a host on the air from 4:30 in the morning (6 on weekends) 'til 1 at night. With access to the main traffic cams already installed by the Ministère at strategic points along the highway network as well as other sources, hosts will be able to broadcast the most up-to-date information to listeners. Programming will be made up of information on:

  • Traffic status on the main highways and on the bridges

  • Advice on which routes to avoid

  • Road conditions

  • Information on road work sites, their extent and their expected impact

  • Tips on highway safety

  • Weather conditions

"Cogeco Diffusion is proud to work with the Ministère des Transports to lessen the inconvenience of the major road work that will be going on over the next few years in the Greater Montréal area. With our radio broadcasting expertise and our facilities, Cogeco Diffusion can deliver radio that's focused on people's real needs for traffic news and information, non stop, seven days a week. Radio is the ideal medium for reaching drivers because 70% listen to radio while they're on the road," noted Mr. Lachance.

The Ministère will invest $1.5 million per year per station to finance a portion of dedicated traffic radio operations until 2014 and will use station air time for publicity and awareness campaigns. As owner, Cogeco Diffusion will be responsible for programming and will assume all financial risk involved in implementing and operating the two specialty traffic stations.

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