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September 13, 2011 10:01 ET

AHI Technologies Ideal for Schools and Universities

Demand Water Heaters Deliver Hot Water Quickly and Efficiently Throughout School Campuses

WILMINGTON, DE--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - School facilities around the country are facing two major challenges. They need to save energy and ensure a safe facility throughout the campus. AHI Technologies Coilless Technology® tankless water heaters are the answer to these and other challenges schools are facing.

Buildings on school campuses are spread out. Hot water usage is typically low throughout the day, mostly just used for short periods of time for hand washing. So, the question of how to efficiently supply hot water instantaneously over such a large area is one facility managers are constantly battling. Conventionally, schools use steam or central boiler systems, which means utilizing one long hot water loop throughout the various buildings to meet hot water needs. However, a decentralized system -- such as with point of use installations -- allows a more efficient and faster hot water supply. Plus, AHI's Coilless Technology-enabled tankless water heaters have the added benefit of virtually no maintenance.

Another priority for schools is safety. As we all can agree, this is critical for schools. On one hand, adequate hot water is needed to ensure the hygiene of the kids. On the other hand, temperature cannot be too hot because it may cause scalding. Although centralized systems are capable of controlling the hot water temperature at the supply point, it is impossible to accurately control the temperature of hot water at each fixture, many times quite a distance from the central supply. Tankless water heaters that are equipped with temperature controls can ensure the hot water can be delivered at each fixture quickly and at the desired temperature.

One measure to ensure safety is AHI's patent pending ThermoLock feature, which allows school facility management to lock the temperature setting for each fixture. Not only can fixtures have different desired temperatures based on their application, but the temperature setting is prevented from unauthorized changes.

"Our electric tankless water heaters are ideal for schools and universities, offering a solution that is efficient and provides water directly where it's needed," said Shimin Luo, president of AHI Technologies. "Demand water heaters offer an efficient, cost effective alternative to centralized hot water systems, delivering hot water quickly at the exact desired temperature. The addition of the ThermoLock function ensures safety and energy efficiency across a school campus, whether there are 10 sinks or 1,000."

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AHI Technologies LLC, located in Wilmington, Del., designs, manufactures and sells tankless water heaters utilizing breakthrough, patented and patent pending technologies. The company's high efficiency Coilless Technology® electric tankless water heaters provide unlimited hot water with no lime scaling buildup, no required maintenance, fully digital temperature controlled and adjustable power consumption based on demand and/or specific user needs. Its patent pending ThermoLock feature provides facility managers the ability to set and lock the temperature of each unit, giving them peace of mind when it comes to codes and compliance. The company's H2O Saver Technology® is equipped with an oxygen-free copper heat exchanger to reduce lime scale buildup and designed with features to allow users control water usage and conserve water. The products offer numerous unique advantages for both commercial and residential applications. Not only does the company strive to protect the environment through water conservation and energy savings, it assumes numerous green practices in its day-to-day operations and through its supply chains, including the use of recycled packaging materials and environmentally friendly components. AHI Technologies' products offer a lifetime limited warranty and are designed with an eye to the future. More information is available via the company's website at

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