September 06, 2005 06:09 ET

Ahura's "First Defender" Handheld Raman Wins Analytical Instrument Honors

Silver Award in Portable Analytical Instrument Design Category

WILMINGTON MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 6, 2005 -- "Instrument Business Outlook (IBO)," a leading subscription-based newsletter dedicated to the analytical and life science instrument industry announced that Ahura's "First Defender" took the silver award for excellence in industrial design for portable instrumentation.

The "First Defender" is a self-contained, four-pound, high-performance Raman system, making it ideal for applications inside and outside the lab. Applications range from hazmat, to process control, to incoming inspection, where taking the instrument to the sample is a significant benefit. The "First Defender" is rugged enough for military applications including drops onto concrete, submersion, and all temperature operation. It has two modes of operation, using a glass vial or "point-and-shoot" where it can analyze materials inside of bottles and bags without needing to open them. The "First Defender" has a library of more than 1000 substances and can analyze mixtures too. Typical analysis time is under 15 seconds for all 1000 materials and the millions of possible mixtures.

"The winners of the 2005 Awards exemplify how innovative industrial design can make a product aesthetically appealing and enhance the end-user's experience," said Tanya Samazan, Managing Editor of IBO. "With technologies' current advancement, what was once a large bench-top instrument can now be transformed into a lightweight handheld system."

Industrial and scientific customers, like the pharmaceutical industry, recognize the benefits of Raman spectroscopy for inspection and validation applications. The "First Defender" can identify substances through glass or plastic in seconds. It can be used on loading docks as materials arrive, in clinical trials to keep track of unlabeled products and in the field to combat fraud.

Since being launched in May, the "First Defender" has shipped to numerous companies and government agencies across the United States.

"IBO" is a subscription-based newsletter published by Strategic Directions International, Inc. (SDi), a management and marketing research firm dedicated to the analytical and life science instrument industry. SDi is the world's leading source of information on analytical and life science instrumentation and equipment for laboratory and on-site applications.

Ahura Corporation offers breakthrough ultra-compact optical systems and is providing portable optical solutions for homeland security, life sciences, industrial, and communications markets. Ahura's "optical engine" technology offers superior performance at disruptive prices. The company is collaborating with OEM customers and government agencies on medical, industrial and security applications for miniature system technologies.

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