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Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities

July 18, 2016 14:15 ET

AID Foundation Lawsuits Holding Businesses Accountable, Causing Massive ADA Compliance

After 26 Years, ADA Compliance Is on the Forefront of Conversations Thanks to AID Foundation Efforts

MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ--(Marketwired - July 18, 2016) - AID Foundation began by asking what was it going to take to make businesses or public accommodations wake up and start taking ADA compliance seriously; the answer -- hit their pocketbooks, but only if they don't heed a final warning. Although not popular among lawbreakers, the change is happening in massive waves. In just six months, the AID Foundation has turned a rapidly grotesque non-compliant city into a place where businesses are not only coming into compliance, but are also starting public conversations about their efforts.

AID Foundation efforts even caused a public meeting with hundreds of businesses who were upset that they could no longer continue to get away with violating the ADA compliance laws against discrimination against individuals with disabilities. The meeting included a defense attorney to put on the presentation to drum up new business, but failed to even contact the AID Foundation to allow the Foundation to speak on how to become compliant and avoid litigation. An AID Spokesperson said, "We know defense attorneys are using these marketing tactics to drum up new business, but for us, our goal is 100% compliance nationwide, not lining our pockets, so we thank anyone who is willing to educate people about ADA compliance. Thanks to our work, in just 6 short months, more conversations have been held and more compliance is under way from our efforts than any other time since 1991."

AID Foundation was created to advance the time in which the US would become compliant with the ADA. Its founders experienced living with disabilities and recognized the rampant disregard and discrimination towards individuals with disabilities first hand and decided to make a massive impact. says they are ending discrimination and making life more accessible through foundation giving and ADA compliance. Before anyone receives a lawsuit, they receive a Pre-Inspection Letter informing them of the upcoming inspection, what will be inspecting for as well as information and diagrams on how to come into compliance to avoid being sued. After ample time has passed to allow the business to come into compliance, sends an inspector to check public accommodations looking for the specific violations outlined in the Pre-Inspection Letter and this video: If the business still does not fix their issues, as a last resort an enforcement action lawsuit is filed.

AID Foundation also follows up to make sure the business has become compliant. After a settlement is agreed upon requiring that a business corrects the noted ADA violations, auditors go back and re-inspect to make sure the business is compliant after the agreed upon compliance date. Once the business passes's inspection, a letter of thanks along with a Civil Rights Champion sticker is sent to the business so that they can proudly display that they are Civil Rights Champions. The funds from settlements are then used by the AID Foundation to help provide medical equipment and other lifesaving equipment to hundreds of people all over the country that live with disabilities as well as to further bring about compliance. Here are some of those stories:

AID Foundation has now seen first-hand that, as Congress intended with this legislation, the only effective method to wake up business owners and to cause them to become compliant is to file a claim against them and force them through the court system to comply with the law. It is working, and thanks to AID Foundation efforts, ADA compliance is getting more attention than it has since the Americans with Disabilities Act was put into law, and more and more business are voluntarily complying without having to be sued. helps others. Those with disabilities can make their requests online at

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As Civil Rights Champions, was formed in January 2016 in order to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through charitable gifts, opportunities and the removal of discriminatory barriers. By spearheading a rapid and widespread wave of compliance through educational and affirmative enforcement actions, not only rapidly brings non-compliant public accommodation into ADA compliance but also acts as a self-funding catalyst for the charitable AID Foundation.

The AID Foundation is a growing resource for any individual with a disability looking to receive help with various issues relating to their disability or compelling needs such as: wheelchair access, medical equipment, and much more. Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities - Foundation aims to help improve the lives of 3 to 4 individuals with disabilities per day.

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