March 23, 2007 11:42 ET

AIMS' Customer Service Team Rates Outstanding in Client Satisfaction

MONROE, LA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 23, 2007 -- AIMS, Inc. announces the results of its 2006 Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results show that AIMS remains successful in maintaining their goal of providing outstanding customer service.

In 2006, AIMS logged 3,886 support calls. (Includes notification from customers via fax or e-mail.) To assess the clients' satisfaction with AIMS' support efforts, a staff member followed up on 1 in 10 of these support calls by contacting the client after the support issue was resolved.

"We strive to give our customers the best service and support possible," says Annette Kesler, AIMS' Director of Client Services. "That has been a constant in our 30+ years in this industry. Surveying our customers lets us know how we are doing and where there is room for improvement."

AIMS asked three questions: 1) How satisfied were you with AIMS' response time? (The amount of time between the customer contacting AIMS and AIMS returning the call.) 2) How satisfied were you with the time frame in which your issue was resolved? 3) How would you rate AIMS' overall handling of your issue (i.e. AIMS' professionalism)? The customer was asked to rate AIMS for each question on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most satisfied.

Based on responses gathered through 379 survey calls, the rating results were:

-Overall response time:       94.09%
-Overall problem resolution:  95.88%
-Overall professionalism:     98.26%
 -----------------------      ------
-Composite:                   96.19%
Using the standard rules of statistics, beginning with a "population" of 3,886 (total number of support issues logged by AIMS), with a 5% margin of error (the standard statistical margin), and a 95% confidence level (also standard) the suggested sample size would be 350. AIMS over-sampled because we based our survey results on 379 survey calls. Therefore, the results are accurate +/- 5 points.

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AIMS develops and supports an array of automated information processing products for the wholesale petroleum distribution industry. Products include COMPAS (Unix) and COMPAS Commander (Windows), complete wholesale/retail accounting systems; AUTOSEND, fuel inventory management software; and AUTOSIR, in-house SIR software. Various sub-systems for these products allow for automating cardlock processing, payroll, customer bank account drafting, posting of rack prices from electronic download, document faxing directly from the system, and communicating with on-board computerized fuel delivery metering systems.

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