September 14, 2016 06:30 ET

AiNET Launches Analyst Engagement Program

Company Continues to Grow, Launches a New Program at AiNET to Share Trends, Experiences, and Vision for the Future With Industry, Financial, and Media Analysts

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwired - September 14, 2016) - Recent Gartner surveys of C-suite executives indicate that nearly 50% of all enterprise IT purchasing decisions will be influenced by analysts as large organizations recognize how much impact the right -- or wrong -- IT purchasing decisions can have on a company's current operations, reputation, and future trajectory.

As high-profile cases of IT failures that negatively impact business continue to make news (e.g. Delta's $150MM data center failure that grounded hundreds of flights, or the Christmas Eve Netflix failure caused by Amazon cloud outage), and as technology impacts more and more the way businesses go to market, expect even more enterprises to turn to analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and others for consultation on major IT purchases.

"We watch the news, we see trends," says AiNET CEO Deepak Jain. "Tech is more mission-critical to enterprises than ever before. CEOs know that winding up on the front page of the news because of a critical systems-outage, or a high profile data breach, will hurt business. We expect that the rate of analyst engagements will rise, and recognize how important it is for us to keep this community well-informed."

AiNET has assembled a team with deep experience in reaching out to the analyst community, led by Brian Checco, head of communications and outreach initiatives. The team partnered with The Skills Connection, a U.K.-based consulting firm, to provide global insight and outreach. AiNET will be sharing its insight on industry trends, case studies, and white papers on how clients are using new technologies, and a window into AiNET's unique, holistic tech approach.

"We're extremely excited about this program," says Jain. "Our early feedback from analysts has been really positive -- they think we're onto something innovative here, and are eager to learn more."

Says Brian Checco, "Trends we're seeing value AiNET's end-to-end engineered approach, holistic technology that aligns around business processes -- not IT layers, and better visibility for the CEO."

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AiNET is a leader in the design, construction, operations, and support of Internet data centers, optical fiber networks, and critical solutions. Among their data centers, AiNET owns and operates certified Tier 4 data centers, the highest level of data center reliability and maintainability.

AiNET's innovative approach combines the full stack of services within the Data Center, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. By bundling services within the data center, AiNET is able to offer unique, custom solutions that empower customers to solve their largest technology challenges.

AiNET is always expanding our data centers, and growing to connect buildings to our protected fiber communications networks for enhanced reliability and security. Customers that trust AiNET include the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Level 3 Communications, Comcast, Cox and many others. AiNET has over 100 lit or "on-net" buildings.

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