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September 28, 2009 11:12 ET

Air Cooler PLUS Now Available at 2009 Season-Ending Value Price

Get Ready for Next Summer's Heat With a Specially Priced Waterless Air Cooler

CANTON, OH--(Marketwire - September 28, 2009) - Think ahead and beat the heat of summer 2010 with a waterless air cooler for your home or business. Take advantage of a special 2009 season-ending discount price on the new Air Cooler PLUS, and you'll be ready for the muggy days that are sure to come.

Different from evaporative air coolers, Air Cooler PLUS effectively cools the most humid environments without the use of water and without the negatives associated with swamp coolers.

To clear its inventory for the season, International Home Shopping has reduced the price on the air cooler from $269 to $139, a remarkable $130 savings. Additional units can be purchased for only $119 each. At this special close-out price, Air Cooler PLUS is an even more cost-effective solution for staying comfortable during next summer's sweltering days and nights. With the holidays approaching, Air Cooler PLUS also is a great gift idea.

The waterless air cooler pays for itself in no time because its efficient operation creates savings on high electricity bills that come during air conditioner season. Air Cooler PLUS requires just 62 watts of electricity and operates for as little as 12 cents a day -- about the same cost as burning one 60-watt light bulb.

Unlike swamp coolers that contain water, the Air Cooler PLUS features a patent-pending waterless cooling chamber that houses two advanced frozen gel packs and an energy-efficient variable-speed fan. The gel packs are filled with advanced HD-Ice™ that has greater cooling capacity than conventional ice. To reduce allergens in the air, each air cooler pulls the cooled air through a special dry HEPA filter. As evidenced by their swampy smell, evaporative air coolers can actually harbor colonies of allergens.

The unit weighs less than 25 pounds and easily moves from room to room to supplement window AC units. It can also reduce reliance on costly central air conditioning. Air Cooler Plus is a good choice for those who want air cooler comfort without the swamp cooler side effects of added humidity and musty evaporative air cooler smell.

Air Cooler PLUS can be ordered online at Take advantage of the $139 season-ending price, which includes free shipping and a free second set of HD-Ice™ gel packs for customers' convenience.

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