Air Force Association of Canada

Air Force Association of Canada

May 25, 2010 10:00 ET

Air Force Day on Parliament Hill

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 25, 2010) - The men and women of Canada's Air Force will be recognized on Parliament Hill today during an official ceremony, as part of an Air Force Association of Canada initiative. The Chief of the Air Staff, Lieutenant-General André Deschamps, CMM, CD will accompany as many as 30 serving Air Force personnel from a vast number of occupations to meet with participating parliamentarians.

"We are pleased that the Air Force is receiving recognition from our Parliamentarians," said Brian Darling, national president of the Air Force Association of Canada. "It is our continuing mission to inform new generations of Canadians of the tremendous contributions that the Air Force makes towards the well-being of Canadians every day. Most people do not realize that the Air Force not only provides search and rescue assistance to thousands of Canadians each year, but also performs many other tasks that directly benefit Canadian citizens. Air Force Day on the Hill serves as an opportunity for parliamentarians to convey on behalf of their constituents, appreciation to the men and women of Canada's Air Force, for all that they do."

"Whether working with other government departments, flying dangerous missions to save Canadians or supporting Canadian Forces operations throughout North America and around the world, the men and women of Canada's Air Force deserve our respect and our recognition. The operational rhythm has intensified in the past four months and the Air Force has been there to contribute rapidly in their support to Haiti in the wake of the earthquake, as well as their support to the Olympics and their continuous work in Afghanistan. These examples are clear evidence of their servitudeand commitment to Canada." said Darling. "Canadians can be proud of what their Air Force is doing for them."

Note to Editor: Lieutenant General André Deschamps, Commander of Air Command and Chief of the Air Staff, along with Mr. Brian Darling and Mr. Dean Black can be made available for questions immediately before the reception begins, at approximately 4:45 PM. The Air Force Association of Canada is a national not-for-profit aerospace and community-service-focused organization composed of aviation-minded citizens established to inform new generations of Canadians of their country's rich aeronautical tradition and history, to support Canada's Air Force and to support and encourage the civil aviation component within the country.

Our Vision - An exemplary and enthusiastic source of Canadian military air power knowledge and support

Our Primary Roles - Youth - Heritage - Advocacy

Sustaining the interest of all Canadians in aerospace issues and the country's Air Force, is our goal.

We introduce young Canadians to aerospace careers.

We advocate for a well-prepared, well-equipped, operationally ready Air Force for Canada.

Promoting Canada's rich Air Force history is a popular, effective part of our mission.

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