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September 18, 2008 06:00 ET

Airport Security Improvement Awaits TSA Clearance

Identity Matching System Ready for Nationwide Launch

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 18, 2008) - A new identity matching system to improve security at U.S. airports is ready for deployment by S3 Matching Technologies of Austin, Texas. Designed to verify the identities of all workers cleared for employment at airport facilities, the Identity Matching product from S3 has already been demonstrated for managers of major airports. The system improves matching accuracy but needs the TSA to release the No Fly List and the No Fly "Selectee" or Watch List to a secure, private server.

"These are the kinds of challenges airport operators face in the present travel environment," said Brandon Smith, Vice President of Telecom and IT Solutions at S3. "They need to know that every one of the thousands of employee badge holders walking onto airport grounds every day is cleared and secure. Getting those clearances is a tedious process that our technology simplifies and improves."

According to Smith, airport managers will be able to log onto a secure web site and check current and future employee backgrounds and identities against the TSA No Fly and Selectee lists, which include the names and other data on potential terrorists tracked by the Terrorist Screening Center. S3's Identity Matching system can be operational shortly after the TSA begins the streaming of its daily list updates to a secure server, which will then be accessed only by authorized airport managers around the country.

"Airports are required to ensure badge holders do not appear on the TSA No Fly List and Watch List," explained Jack Holt, CEO of S3. "Our technology does this in an affordable way over the web and in a completely secure environment. It surpasses current requirements by using sophisticated matching algorithms and does not require expensive hardware or software installation and maintenance at airports."

Holt said S3 is meeting with airport managers to outline the Identity Matching system as they await database clearance from the TSA.

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