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May 10, 2006 17:36 ET

Airspan Networks Announces Results for the First Quarter of 2006

WiMAX Rollout Begins in Asia and Western Europe

BOCA RATON, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 10, 2006 -- Airspan Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: AIRN), a leading worldwide provider of WiMAX and Wi-Fi based broadband wireless access networks, and carrier class Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions, today announced first quarter financial results for the period ending April 2, 2006. The Company reported record first quarter revenues of $23.8 million, up 7% versus the first quarter of 2005. The net loss attributable to common stockholders for the first quarter was $(0.21) per share versus a loss of $(0.08) per share in the first quarter 2005.

First Quarter Business Highlights


--  Shipped more than $5.5 million to Yozan Inc for Japan's first WiMAX
    network. All revenues under the Yozan supply agreements have been deferred
    pending establishment of fair values in accordance with generally accepted
    accounting principles for the recently-announced USB Tri-band WiMAX device
    development agreement.
--  More than $5 million of orders were received from a Western European
    operator. In the quarter, we delivered more than $1 million of product
    under these orders and we booked the corresponding amount of revenues. We
    expect to deliver the balance of the orders by the end of June 2006.
--  Introduction of the flagship MicroMAX-SOC product, which is a low-
    cost, high-performance WiMAX base station packaged in the existing WipLL
    housing. Several significant orders for this product were placed by large
    operators in Latin America, North America and Asia.  The MicroMAX-SOC is
    optimized for applications where a smaller base station meets deployment
    requirements, such as T1/E1 replacement, in-fill for coverage holes in DSL
    and cable networks, Enterprise solutions and Public Safety applications.
--  Successful completion of Wave 1 FDD WiMAX Forum Certification of the
    MacroMAX base station, and "EasyST" indoor and "ProST" outdoor WiMAX
    customer devices.


--  Strength continued, particularly in North America, where we
    experienced more than 50% revenue growth year over year through sales by
    our seven systems integrators.
--  Award of a $10 million expansion contract from Tulip India.
    Deliveries commenced in the first quarter, and we expect to ship more than
    $3 million of products under the contract in the second quarter.
--  Significant expansion orders from existing WipLL customers in Colombia
    and Eastern Europe.


--  Axtel continued to take shipments and placed new orders running into
    the third quarter, as lines in service at the end of the first quarter of
    2006 exceeded 648,000, up from 490,000 at the end of the same period in

AS Net

--  First full quarter of shipments to over 30 customers worldwide. Strong
    interest from European and North American customers for these leading-edge
    802.11 products.

Financial Results

First quarter revenue of $23.8 million was 7% higher than the $22.2 million recorded in the first quarter of 2005. The Company recorded a gross profit of $6.4 million in the quarter, and gross profit as a percentage of revenue (the "gross profit margin") of 27%. This compares to a gross profit of $6.9 million and a gross profit margin of 31%, for the first quarter of 2005.

The Company was required to defer all revenues for deliveries under the Yozan supply agreements because of issues related to the establishment of fair values in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for the USB Tri-band WiMAX device agreement. Strong revenue growth in WipLL and WiMAX, and the introduction of our AS.Tone and AS.NET products in the revenue mix, more than offset the year-over-year decline in Proximity revenues. The decrease in gross profit percentage was due to a number of factors, including lower margins on our Proximity products, the costs associated with the introduction and production ramp up of new WiMAX products, higher freight costs throughout the business, and higher warranty provisions required as the result of new product introductions. These factors were partially offset by above-average margins from our new AS.NET and AS.TONE products.

The Company's first quarter 2006 operating expenses of $15.2 million were up $4.7 million from the first quarter 2005. Net loss for the first quarter of 2006 was $(8.5) million, or $(0.21) per share, compared to a net loss of ($2.9) million, or $(0.08) per share, in the first quarter of 2005.

The year-over-year increase in operating expenses was due to a number of factors, in particular the increased investment in WiMAX development, new product introduction and product marketing plans, the inclusion in the first quarter 2006 of a full quarter of costs associated with ArelNet and Radionet employees, and stock option costs required under new accounting standards. We also experienced an increase in audit, legal and professional expenditures, including costs related to internal control improvements, compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and costs associated with the completion of the 2005 year-end audit during the first quarter of 2006.

The Company's reported cash balance, including restricted cash and short term investments, at the end of the first quarter stood at $37.9 million. Net inventory increased by $4.1 million, reflecting the build up of inventories in anticipation of large shipments in the second quarter and then revenues deferred for Yozan.

"The first quarter of 2006 was a period of important new product introductions for the company," said Eric Stonestrom, Airspan's president and chief executive officer. "The deferral of significant revenues has considerably skewed our results. During the quarter, we delivered the first significant quantities of WiMAX products to more than 30 operators. The introduction of new products to the market results in high start-up costs, and this has been reflected in our margins and operating costs in the first quarter. The rapid growth in WiMAX volumes shipped as well as the growing order book shows that we have a great product set and that we are now firmly established as leaders in the Broadband Wireless field. We plan to build on this position through the rest of the year, delivering even larger volumes to more customers."

"Despite our inability to book all revenues associated with deliveries, we are pleased with the level of shipments in the quarter," said Peter Aronstam, chief financial officer. "It gives us a solid start to what should be a record year of revenues. We expect operating expenses to stabilize over the year as we implement new cost containment programs and complete the new WiMAX product launches in the first half."


Mr. Stonestrom confirmed that the Company expects shipments for the second quarter to be in the range of $38 to $39 million. Approximately $15 million of revenues will depend on resolution of the fair value issues associated with Yozan. While operating expenses will remain at the first quarter's level through the second quarter, we expect to reduce our operating loss considerably in the second quarter.

Investor Conference

The Company has scheduled an investor conference call for 5 p.m. EDT today. The dial-in numbers for the live conference call are as follows: US toll-free number is (866) 802-4324; the international access dial-in number is (703) 639-1321. Reference the Airspan Networks quarterly conference call.

Investors may register for the live webcast of the conference call under the 'financial calendar' tab of the Investors section of the Airspan Web site at or at

For those who cannot listen to the live broadcast, an audio replay of the call will be available under the 'audio archives' tab of the Investor Relations section the Airspan Web site. The US toll-free number for the replay is 1-888-266-2081; international access number for the replay is 1-703-925-2533. Please use access code 895909.

About Airspan Networks Inc.

Airspan Networks provides fixed and wireless voice and data systems and solutions, including Voice Over IP (VoIP). Its wireless products serve operators around the world in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands between 700 MHz and 6 GHz, including both PCS and 3.5GHz international bands. Airspan has a strong wireless product roadmap that includes offerings compliant with the new WiMAX 802.16-2004 standard, and software upgradeability to 802.16e from the time the WiMAX products are introduced. Airspan is on the Board and a founder member of the WiMAX Forum. Through its newly acquired Radionet division, the company also offers 802.11-based metrozone networks and applications for various enterprise vertical markets. The Company has deployments with more than 350 operators in more than 100 countries. Airspan's wireless systems are based on radio technology that delivers excellent area coverage, high security and resistance to fading. These systems can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively, providing an attractive alternative to traditional wired communications networks. Airspan's new AS.Tone VoIP system is a carrier class, turnkey solution that provides carriers with Class 4, Class 5 and IP-Centrex solutions and has a Softswitch and Gateways supporting SIP/H323 and SIP. AS.Tone's design provides customers; carriers, next-generation telcos, cellular providers and ITSP with a wide range of solutions with the best price/performance system for IP telephony. Airspan also offers radio planning, network installation, integration, training and support services to facilitate the deployment and operation of its systems. Airspan is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with its main operations center in Uxbridge, United Kingdom.

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                          Airspan Networks Inc

                        Consolidated Balance Sheets
                              (in thousands)

                                                      December   April 2,
                                                      31, 2005     2006
                                                      ---------  ---------


Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents                             $  44,140  $  23,691
Restricted cash                                           2,290      6,135
Short term investments                                    6,020      8,088
Accounts receivable                                      24,348     19,911
Unbilled accounts receivable                                273        501
Inventory                                                16,850     22,529
Prepaid expenses and other current assets                 3,722      8,164

                                                      ---------  ---------
        Total Current Assets                             97,643     89,019

Property, plant and equipment, net                        5,268      5,612
Goodwill, net                                            10,231     10,231
Intangible assets, net                                    3,865      3,590
Other non-current assets                                  3,445      3,447

                                                      ---------  ---------
        Total Assets                                  $ 120,452  $ 111,899
                                                      =========  =========


Current Liabilities
Accounts payable                                      $  24,678  $  18,358
Accrued taxes                                             1,156        648
Deferred revenue                                          1,514      5,608
Customer Advances                                        13,935     15,637
Other accrued expenses                                   13,113     12,967
Current portion of long-term debt                            96          -

                                                      ---------  ---------
        Total Current Liabilities                        54,492     53,218
                                                      ---------  ---------

Non Current Liabilities
Other long-term debt                                      1,296      1,426
Accrued interest on long-term debt                           53        101
                                                      ---------  ---------
        Total Non Current Liabilities                     1,349      1,527
                                                      ---------  ---------

Stockholders' Equity
Preferred Stock                                               -          -
Common stock                                                 12         12
Note receivable - stockholder                               (87)       (87)
Additional paid in capital                              267,426    268,126
Other comprehensive income                                 (130)         -
Accumulated deficit                                    (202,610)  (210,897)

                                                      ---------  ---------
        Total Stockholders' Equity                       64,611     57,154
                                                      ---------  ---------

                                                      ---------  ---------
        Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity    $ 120,452  $ 111,899
                                                      =========  =========

                         Airspan Networks Inc

                    Consolidated Statements of Income
            (in thousands except for share and per share data)

                                                     Three months ended

                                                     April 3,    April 2,
                                                       2005        2006
                                                    ----------  ----------

Revenue                                             $   22,218  $   23,800
Cost of revenue                                        (15,362)    (17,362)

                                                    ----------  ----------
Gross profit                                             6,856       6,438
                                                    ----------  ----------

Operating expenses:
Research and development                                 4,598       6,110
Sales and marketing                                      2,572       4,505
Bad debt provision                                         316         536
General and administration                               2,827       3,762
Amortization of intangibles                                128         275

                                                    ----------  ----------
Total operating expenses                                10,441      15,188
                                                    ----------  ----------

Loss from operations                                    (3,585)     (8,750)

Net interest and other income                              676         179

                                                    ----------  ----------
Loss before tax                                         (2,909)     (8,571)
                                                    ----------  ----------

Income tax charge / (credit)                                 -        (284)

                                                    ----------  ----------
Net loss                                                (2,909)     (8,287)
                                                    ==========  ==========

Net loss per share - basic                          $    (0.08) $    (0.21)

Weighted average shares
outstanding - basic and diluted                     37,880,759  39,733,291

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