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March 03, 2008 12:05 ET

AirTight's End Point Wireless Security Solution Provides IT Control With User Flexibility

SpectraGuard SAFE Offers Location Aware Policy Enforcement With Automatic Profile Switching; Supports Windows Vista OS

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) - At Gartner Mobile and Wireless, AirTight Networks®, the global leader for wireless intrusion prevention solutions (WIPS), today announced the addition of new features to its SpectraGuard® SAFE end point solution which give network administrators enhanced control of an increasingly transient group of enterprise users -- the road warrior -- while at the same time providing those users with the connectivity they need. SpectraGuard SAFE 2.5 offers network administrators the means for proactive rather than reactive security enforcement, allowing them to identify high risk users and adjust policy accordingly.

SpectraGuard SAFE now protects users by creating a unique profile for 'trusted zones' such as the office or the home. SAFE automatically detects when the user leaves the office or home environment and automatically prevents the client from connecting to any foreign device in the new environment. This automatic profile switching protects individual users and sensitive corporate data from common wireless exploits such as phishing and "man-in the middle" attacks.

"We started to notice that we could see personal Wi-Fi networks from our desks so we decided to investigate how to prevent employees from accidentally connecting to them or bridging to them thus going around our firewall," said Nicole Tutt, information security officer for the Spokane Teachers Credit Union. "SAFE is the only product we found that can help us enforce our policies without disabling the wireless connections that our employees want to use when they are working off site."

A recent report from Instat on the growth of WLAN technology and deployment noted, "Portable computers with Wi-Fi and inexpensive wireless routers have made connectivity even more pervasive outside of the business. And the growing number of consumer equipment with embedded Wi-Fi will increase connectivity options for workers more in the future. These trends pose two key security challenges for IT managers:

--  Protecting company data that resides on mobile devices used by
--  Protecting company operations and assets from malware or theft
    incurred by portable devices that connect to the network.

A new study conducted by AirTight of the security risks associated with wireless access points and hotspot usage at airports around the world, found that only three percent of users were using VPN connections while working in airport lounges and gate areas and while connected to open, unencrypted access points. This results in significant data leakage where users are exposing confidential information sent over the air unencrypted and are vulnerable to various wireless exploits.

Another, and even more surprising finding, was that a full ten percent of those laptops AirTight detected were infected by viral ad-hoc Wi-Fi networks. For more information on the study, see press release issued today. (

The new features included in SpectraGuard SAFE include:

--  Advanced location aware policy enforcement via automatic profile
    switching for Wi-Fi and no Wi-Fi environments.
--  Risk level analysis for wireless threats with on-demand and scheduled
--  Expanded operating system support including Windows Vista.
--  Best practices enforcement -- locking down SAFE, VPN policy enforcement
    and firewall/anti virus enforcement.

"The DNA of mobile users is impatience. They are moving fast and need access anywhere, anytime. With the rapid proliferation of various wireless technologies, however, most enterprises do not have a well defined policy for wireless usage or a means to enforce a policy if they have one," said Sri Sundaralingam, senior director of product management at AirTight. "This lack of attention to wireless security is increasingly making wireless the favorite mode of attack for hackers. SAFE gives network administrators visibility into how users are connecting to wireless networks and each user's risk profile as well as the ability to automatically disable wireless usage privileges for a user who is violating policy and is at risk."

About SpectraGuard SAFE

SpectraGuard SAFE is client (laptop) software that manages and secures the wireless connections made from that device. SAFE protects corporate mobile laptop users from malicious attacks on all the major wireless technologies commonly in use. A well thought-out management interface allows IT administrators to define corporate wireless policies and then automatically push them to individual SAFE users for anywhere, anytime enforcement.

SpectraGuard® SAFE enables seamless mobile security and reporting. It protects laptop users from rapidly proliferating wireless attacks such as Evil Twin, wireless phishing, ad hoc networking and emerging wireless threats.

Pricing and Availability

SpectraGuard SAFE is available immediately. Pricing for the enterprise edition of SAFE, starts at $20 per user (volume purchase plans available), plus the SpectraGuard Enterprise server management software. For the next 30 days, AirTight is offering a promotional discount (35 to 50%) both to new customers and its installed base. To learn more about SpectraGuard Safe, visit or email

About AirTight Networks

AirTight Networks is the industry standard for wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) which allow enterprises to enhance security while minimizing the cost and administrative burden associated with a comprehensive wireless security policy. AirTight's patented technology delivers the key elements of an effective WIPS to eliminate false alarms, block wireless threats immediately and automatically and locate wireless devices and events with pinpoint precision. AirTight's customers include global retail, financial services, corporate, education and government organizations. AirTight Networks is a privately held company based in Mountain View, CA. For more information please visit

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