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February 21, 2012 14:46 ET

Airvana Launches New Small Cell Analytics Service

Airvana Provides Wireless Operators With Customer-Centric View of Femtocell Experience

CHELMSFORD, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2012) - Airvana LLC, the global market share leader in femtocells, has today announced its Small-Cell Analytics (SCAN) service available to wireless operators. Airvana's SCAN service provides detailed statistical analysis of small-cell usage and key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling wireless operators to have a customer-centric view of their small cell services.

Airvana's SCAN service provides over 250 usage and performance statistics, such as hand-off success rates, call-setup success rates, SMS success rates, data session throughput, and voice and data usage. In addition, these statistics can be viewed by time of day and day of week, or in varying degrees of network granularity. The following examples are a small subset of how the SCAN service can be utilized:

  • Network-wide dashboard: Displays aggregate usage by time of day and day of week across the small-cell network, enabling operators to quantify offload from the macrocell network. It also provides aggregate KPIs for executive reporting of overall small-cell network performance.
  • Regional analysis: Focusing on specific geographical regions can highlight issues in the network. For example, by tracking statistics on small-cell hand-outs to macrocells, the operator can identify network or trunking configuration issues causing a high number of hand-off failures.
  • Individual small cell analysis: Examining the KPIs of individual small cells provides a statistical customer-centric view over time.
  • Google Maps Integration: Ability to view exactly where small cells are deployed in offices, homes, and apartments, so that transmit power levels can be adjusted based on the dwelling size. Also provides a clear graphical view of femtocell deployment density by geography or neighborhood.
  • Proactive problem resolution: Airvana provides proactive notification and diagnosis of small-cell performance issues, enabling wireless operators to make adjustments before subscribers call with a service complaint.

"Airvana partners closely with our operator customers to manage very large scale and complex small cell deployments," explained Michael Clark, Airvana's General Manager for small cells. "Our SCAN service is a key addition to the suite of products, tools and services that we offer to operators to monitor the performance and service experience delivered by these networks," added Clark.

The SCAN service is complementary to the suite of capabilities provided by Airvana's standards-based Femtocell Service Manager (FSM) platform. The FSM delivers highly-scalable device management, provisioning and activation capabilities and sophisticated RF planning and interference management for consumer and enterprise small cell deployments. Its open architecture, extensibility and support for 3rd party small cell devices allow operators to anchor all their small-cell deployments on this common management system. Enhancements to this platform, later this year, will include support for LTE small cells further enabling operators to leverage this platform for multi-technology deployments.

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Airvana LLC's small cell solutions dramatically improve the coverage, performance and capacity of 3G CDMA and LTE wireless networks. The company's achievements include the delivery of the first 3G CDMA small cell to be deployed commercially by mobile operators, the first IMS-based small cell, and the first open small cell management system. Airvana is a founding member of the small cell industry body, the Small Cell Forum, and has played an active role in the development of small cell standards. The company is headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA. For more information, visit

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