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Airxchange Inc.

January 07, 2014 09:00 ET

Airxchange Announces Direct Energy Recovery Wheel Replacement Service

Direct Replacement Offering Alleviates Installation Difficulties While Providing Performance and Maintenance Benefits

ROCKLAND, MA--(Marketwired - January 07, 2014) - When the time comes to replace or install energy recovery wheels in commercial HVAC units, facility managers, building owners and engineers are inundated with installation challenges including limited access areas, bulky components and complex assemblies. To eliminate these barriers and facilitate a successful, hassle-free installation, Airxchange offers a line of energy recovery wheels designed specifically for field installation.

Field assembled kits are easily handled by two people and fit through all standard doorways and stairwells. The convenient, transportable design avoids the need for special access openings and eliminates excess material handling and installation costs. Airxchange provides same-day assembly, installation and testing of each energy recovery wheel.

"Many times the original equipment manufacturer is no longer in business which presents an extra hoop for facility managers to jump through," said Airxchange Vice President and General Manager Randall Steele. "We encourage facility managers to take advantage of our direct replacement wheel service the next time their HVAC unit requires a new wheel. It's available for units of all sizes and is backed by Airxchange's standard 5-year warranty."

All field assembly kits are tested at the factory before shipment, guaranteeing the wheels will perform as designed. The Airxchange segmented energy recovery wheel design offers ease of installation, maintenance and performance benefits that other ERV wheels simply cannot.

For media interested in speaking with Randall Steele to learn more about Airxchange and the field assembly product line, please contact or visit Airxchange at AHR Expo Booth #2429.

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An industry leader since 1980 with more than 200,000 installations, Airxchange is advancing ERV technology to bridge the gap between healthy indoor environments and energy consumption. Its patented energy recovery wheel technology reduces energy requirements for conditioning outdoor air by up to 80 percent and is available from most HVAC manufacturers in a variety of configurations. Airxchange technology can be found in wide use in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial applications.

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