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April 13, 2011 09:20 ET

AISystems Announces Innovative Social Media Launch for Its jetEngine™ Business Planning Suite Beta Customer Program to an Expanded Customer Base

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 13, 2011) - AISystems, Inc. (OTCBB:ASYI) ("AISystems" or the "Company"), creator of jetEngine, a revolutionary business platform software system for the airline industry, is pleased to announce that it is preparing to launch a comprehensive Social Media marketing initiative for its jetEngine™ Business Planning Suite ("jetEngine™ BPS") Beta Customer Program.

New Potential Customer Groups

Recently AISystems announced that it had launched its Beta Customer Program. While the AISystems Beta Program that is offered directly to airlines will remain the focus of the Company's efforts, there has been meaningful interest from a number of groups that surround and support the airline industry which can benefit significantly from an advanced planning tool. These groups are management consultants to airlines, airline manufacturers and suppliers, airline leasing companies and hedge funds & financial analysts. jetEngine™ BPS' ease of use make it an excellent planning tool for these groups to bring value to their own product offerings through better airline planning information. The Company will use a concentrated marketing drive across several Social Media platforms to reach out to these groups.

The Company believes that, due to being able to model practically every variable in an airline, jetEngine™ BPS could be used by many different departments within a given airline resulting in as many as 10 to 20 or more unique users per airline. This makes the potential user audience very large when considering how many users could exist across 400 of the 900 existing airlines that could be AISystems customers. Added to the other potential customer groups listed above that could also be users of jetEngine™ BPS the Company believes there could be a potential user base of 10-20,000 people or more.

"After announcing the release of our jetEngine™ BPS product we have been receiving a steady stream of inquiries on the product and how it can be used," stated Stephen C. Johnston, President & CEO of AISystems. "The interesting fact is that more and more of these inquiries have been from people in businesses that surround and support the airline industry. We are starting to realize that our customer base may be substantially larger that we initially thought."

"The evident power in Social Media is something we can leverage immediately in reaching out directly to our potential users in both the airlines and airline related groups," stated Salman Ullah, Chairman of the AISystems Advisory Board, Managing Director of Merus Capital, AISystems' largest cash investor and former Vice President of Corporate Development at Google where he led all investments and acquisitions. "With our cloud-enabled infrastructure, we will be able to manage the entire customer experience from initial introduction and training to full access to jetEngine™ BPS in a highly scalable manner."

A Larger Market Within Airlines

jetEngine™ BPS has been created as a powerful enterprise software planning tool residing completely in the Cloud that can be operated by a single user. This architecture simplifies the Company's ability to bring users online and to insert them into a sophisticated and powerful planning environment without the need for corporate infrastructure or integration to existing IT systems. This architecture also opens the door for cross-functional dissemination of the product throughout airlines themselves. To this end AISystems is extending its Beta Customer Program beyond traditional airline planning departments into many other areas of airline management.

Social Media Initiative

AISystems intends to market jetEngine™ BPS to this large audience by deploying the power of the most current Social Media tools available to drive adoption of the Beta Program which will serve as an additional on-ramp for future customers. Some of the Social Media tools that will be used to deliver information to prospective customers and partners include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with a specific emphasis on the company's expanded target audience.

AISystems will be sponsoring industry-specific blog and news updates that will educate while providing significant awareness of the jetEngine™ BPS and its ability to solve specific problems for the targeted viewer. The Company will be hosting a Webinar series where prospective Beta Customers can see key features and benefits of the product, including video tutorials, testimonials and product overviews accessed via the Company's Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page, as well as directly from the Company website.

By utilizing advanced analytics to measure the response to these awareness and advertising initiatives in terms of traffic, lead conversion and targeted customer interest, the Company will be able to reach its audience and connect with many key decision makers entirely via the web. Through the strategic use of search engine optimization, focused landing pages and awareness campaigns designed for a targeted high-reward audience, the Company can achieve these objectives at a significant savings over traditional marketing methods, while achieving far greater market reach than could be attained otherwise.

From that point, tailored product demonstrations will be scheduled online automatically, and interested individuals will be able to move online into the Beta Program itself.

About jetEngine™ BPS

jetEngine™ BPS is an advanced business platform that produces a complete business plan including a cost, revenue and profitability analysis. As well, the system produces completely integrated and feasible route, fleet, crew and maintenance schedules at a speed previously unimaginable. This tool, based on advanced scheduling algorithms and features, allows for the complete redesign of the airline business planning approach. When building the business plan, satisfying all planning requirements and business objectives, jetEngine™ BPS reduces the airline planning cycle from months to minutes. This paradigm shift in airline planning is only possible through jetEngine™ BPS' breakthrough technology and algorithms.

A powerful feature of jetEngine™ BPS is that it operates in the "Cloud", independently of existing in-house systems. jetEngine BPS is AISystems' first cloud-based software suite and is the first product in the Company's new SAAS (Software as a Service) business model, allowing it to be rapidly implemented by an airline.

AISystems is inviting selected airlines, airline industry planners, executives, management consultants and hedge funds & financial analysts to participate in our jetEngine Beta Customer Program. Operating closely with the Company, these select airlines and individuals will be able to model complex airline planning problems and view real-world opportunities for improved revenue and profitability. For further information on the jetEngine Beta Customer Program please call +1 (416) 367-2544 or email

About AISystems

AISystems has developed a unique, proprietary business platform software system for the airline industry called jetEngine™, which is comprised of systems and mathematical algorithms capable of generating significant profitability improvements through strategic business planning capabilities, resource scheduling, revenue management and integrated operations. More information about AISystems can be found at

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